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The following are four common diet-busting fast-foods that you must avoid, and their healthier alternative that you can easily make easily and conveniently at home. Since many people end up eating ‘bad foods’ because they do not have the time to prepare all the 3 typical meals at home, here are some healthier options that you can carry with you from home.


Make an informed decision with the following suggestions.

- From Diet-Busting Salads, it is Wendy’s Southwest Taco Salad. It packs 680 calories, 39g fat, and1, 620mg sodium.

- Healthy Alternative to order when out in a restaurant is Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad. You will receive only 570 calories, 25g fat, and 1,370mg sodium.
With this, you save a whopping 14g of fat, 250mg of sodium and 110 calories total.

- Healthy home-made alternative to is Well’s Taco Salad. It contains 361 calories, 583mg of sodium, 16g of fat and in addition 10g of fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and the much needed Vitamins A n’ C.

With this, you end up saving a whopping 23g of fat, 1,037mg of sodium and total 319 calories.


Soups are known to produce greater feelings of fullness than many types of foods. They can make a great filling addition after a hearty meal or can even pass for a full low-calorie lunch. However, you should be very careful since even the tiniest of soup serving can be laden with lots of calories and unwanted fats than you could ever care to imagine.

- From Diet-Busting Soup, the priority is given to D’Angelo’s Lobster Bisque. It packs 360 calories, 820mg of sodium and 29g of fat.

- Healthy alternative to Order is the so-called D’Angelo’s Broccoli & Cheddar Soup. It contains 19g of fat and 840mg of sodium as well just 250 calories.
You get to save 10g fat and 20mg sodium and 220 calories total.

- Healthy home made alternative is crab Bisque with Avocado. This Tomato & Corn Relish contains only 7g of fat, 230calories and 441mg of sodium
You get to save 22g of fat, 130 calories and a whopping 379mg of the equally important sodium.

Turkey Sandwich

- From Diet-Busting Turkey Sandwich, the best one is Panera’s Sierra Turkey Sandwich. It contains 970 calories and 51g fat.

- Healthy alternative to Order is Panera’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich. It contains 15g fat and 560 calories.

Therefore, you get a saving of 36g of fat and 410 calories.

- Healthy homemade alternative is Turkey & Tomato Panini. It contains 4g fat and 272 calories where you get to save over 47g of fat and 698 calories.


- From Diet-Busting Burrito you need necessary to try Moe’s Homewrecker. In its original size made with chicken on a entire-wheat tortilla, it contains 38g fat and 925 calories.

- Healthy Option to Order – you will never go wrong with the junior size of Moe’s Homewrecker. On an entire-grain tortilla, it contains only 7g fat n’ 283 calories.
You get to save 31g of fat and 642 calories in total.

Healthy homemade option is Barbecued Chicken Burritos. It contains 353 calories and 9g fat and you get some iron and fiber.

You end up saving 29g of fat and 572 calories.

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