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Stretching exercises are part of the workout routine. The exercises performed with stretching are an important contribution to keep physically fit. It is necessary to do a few stretches before a workout, so that the body becomes flexible. You benefit because you are able to carry out a much more effective workout. These stretching exercises performed after a workout helps to repair muscles.

One can go through a varied selection of stretching exercises that are used for specific applications. When you do these exercises, make sure that you not only look for the right type of stretches, but also ones that you find most comfortable for you. After all, you have the choice of doing those that suit you most.
When you begin exercising, concentrate on how your body feels with each stretch. Begin by doing a set of exercises and focus on how your body reacts to the exercise. Slowly build up a few stretches and you will soon get into a pattern of working out with the stretches that suit you best. You will enjoy your exercises when you begin to design your own stretches that work best for you. A good personal trainer could help you plan a workout as per your requirements. Given below are a few points on why people wish to try these stretching workouts.

Change of Lifestyle

Many people get tired of leading a sedentary lifestyle and look for ways to become more active. These people certain require starting with stretches. These are preliminaries to be done before getting onto more active exercises, such as jogging, hiking or walking. This is because, when one has been inactive for long, there is every chance of getting injured. Therefore stretching will definitely be of immense value.

Coping with the after effects of Injuries

The after effects of an injury can last a long time. Many people need to use therapy techniques to recover from an injury. Stretches have proved to be indispensable for quicker recovery. One needs to perform stretches before considering any activity that is high impacted. One can use stretching exercises safely after any serious injury daily before trying to do any other major form of exercise.

Make the most of sports activities

Many people find it necessary to take part in sport activities for many reasons. These types of activities help the person in many ways. They become more mobile, flexible and are able to endure much more than those who do not exercise. Sports enthusiasts are encouraged to perform stretches, before they start their workout during and after they complete some sporting event. By stretching for at least 5 minutes after a sport activity, athletes benefit tremendously.

Workouts that increase flexibility

You become flexible when you begin working out. You will find it to your advantage if you perform aerobics or yoga. You need to follow the right techniques and implement them in the workout routine. Of course, one has to factor in the safety element when combining stretches with workouts. Your body begins to get suppler and you are able to perform better with a wide range of movements.

Coaches always harp on the need to perform static stretches before carrying out the more difficult ones. Anyone, who is an athlete, knows the necessity of “warming up”, however, amateurish they are. You hear clients talk about stretching after they have had an injury though they may or may not do it. Any expert in the field will preach the importance of warming up. The need to increase circulation and increase at least the muscle temperature is paramount, even if the entire body is not fully warmed up.

Recently several studies conducted at different centres including University of Nevada and Center for Disease Control reveal the importance of dynamic stretches. According to the studies, the static stretches that are performed where positions are held for 20 -30 seconds under muscle tensions, weakens the muscles that are priming for injury, though it actually increases muscle length. The art of dynamic stretching helps to reduce injury and strengthen the muscle performance overall and this proves more beneficial than static stretches or warm ups. The reasons attributed are that there is much more blood flow, ensuring better muscle warm up and oxygenation that allows the body to withstand forces connected with the load factor. Apart from the multi-benefits of enjoying various sports activities, the mental performance also improves with good physical activity.

Walking briskly is another good alternative for those who are not athletes. However, use good form when walking, as one has to focus using the right techniques. Start slowly and work your way up gradually. You will not succeed, if you try to overdo the exercise, because you wish to make up for lost time. You should never attempt going to sixty from zero. You benefit greatly when the muscles become supple and flexible after a good warm up session as it sends out neurotransmitters to energize the muscle and make them willingly perform.

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