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Plastic surgery is recommended by doctors for acne scars treatment and because insurance companies do not reimburse costs incurred for this cosmetic procedure, it is necessary to pay for the treatment out of one’s own pocket. The cost of the procedure varies, depending on the severity of the case, the size of the acne scars, the location and the doctor who performs the surgery. This again depends on the doctor’s expertise in the field. The price can range from $600 to nearly $ 6000 so it is essential to make detailed enquiries before agreeing to the surgery.

Given below are a few popular treatments that are recommended.

One is the laser acne scars treatment. Intense light is used only on the first layer of by a pulse treatment and not the second layer. The skin is tightened simultaneously with stimulation of the collagen. The damaged older layer of the skin is replaced by the second layer that remains unaffected. This type of procedure costs on an average about $792 and requires about five more sessions, costing roughly $4000 for the patient. Payment plans are generally offered by the doctors.

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The second type of acne scars treatment is the use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm. This treatment uses either the permanent or temporary dermal fillers. Since the temporary fillers get absorbed within two to six months, it is necessary to repeat the treatment frequently to retain the desired look and this can prove very expensive. Silicone is used for the permanent fillers. The side effects are generally pain, infection and some allergic reactions. These type of dermal filler cost in thousands and last only from three to nine months.

The third type of acne scars treatment available is using Chemical peels. This procedure is good for toning and evening out skin, smoothening wrinkles and clearing the scarred areas. The sun’s rays cause excessive damage to the skin. This type of Chemexfoliation is the best in terms of being least invasive and improving the overall look of the skin, neck or hands, depending on which part requires the treatment.

Chemical peels cost anywhere from $600 to $900. The price depends on the peel for which you are willing to pay. It costs from $150 to $ 400 for a light peel, or about $600 for the deep peel. It is also possible to get read of small creases, blemishes and fine wrinkles by getting a medium peel treatment that uses Trichloroacelic acid which costs $1000 to $2000. However, you need to maintain this once in three months. The deep peel chemical treatment yields long lasting results and costs from about $2500 to nearly $ 60000 which includes follow ups.

Your insurance company can guide you on opting for the right treatments that are considered necessary, medically. Choose your doctor carefully because these types of treatment that include cosmetic or plastic surgery carry with different risk factors. Less does not necessary mean more when you are looking to be treated by a good professional of skin healthcare. It is better to check out the experience and qualifications of the doctor rather than take an acne scars treatment based primarily on the cost factor.

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