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Alcohol poisoning is a term, indicating a condition of alcohol intoxication that is a result of an excess consumption or alcohol overdose. If the taken quantity surpasses the blood level, numerous unpleasant symptoms appear that may lead to complications.

This condition occurs when the person consumes a lot more alcohol than he should. In addition to alcohol content, harmful effects are observed on body metabolism too. The seriousness of this condition depends also on other factors as the taken quantity, the time of consumption and concentration. Obviously, more problems will have a drinker, who has consumed the alcohol without mixing it with some soft drink or water.

If someone is suffering from alcoholism, it is recommended that this person go through an alcohol recovery program for his own benefit.

Binge drinking is considered one of the main reasons for alcohol poisoning, since people cannot impose on themselves the discipline of self-control and consume five or more drinks at once. Knowing what the symptoms of this condition are can help people recognize it on time and take adequate treatment immediately. Be aware that some of this symptoms may appear and some not, depending on person’s organism and his ability to withstand the poison. If you notice the signs for alcohol poisoning, take measures right away and call emergency, since this condition requires special medical attention.

Here are the main symptoms of alcohol overdose:

Except of such common symptoms like nausea and vomiting, the body temperature may decrease and the breathing can slow down. The affected person may have the feeling of illness. An excessive dehydration will result in pale skin. Person will be inable to respond to questions and confused about his surroundings. Sometimes this condition may lead to unconsciousness.

Some classic signs that can show you the person suffers from alcohol poisoning are confusion and dizziness. Some of the symptoms may quickly become severe when the whole body is affected by alcohol. In that case seizures, complete absence of reflexes or breathing irregularities may appear. Another signs can be inconsistency in behavior as well as slurred and blurred speech.

The most risky group, which can be fatally affected by alcohol poisoning, are teenagers. The so-called teenage binge drinking is very dangerous, since the alcohol level rises in blood so fast, that liver cannot process all that quantity. In that case, the teenager can star vomiting, lose consciousness, has breathing difficulties or/and low body temperature.

Many people think that letting the person sleep will reduce all symptoms and he will wake up healthy at the morning. Unfortunately, the alcohol levels in his blood continue to rise during his sleeping, which may cause coma and death.

Excessive alcohol may cause stopping breathing, since it plays the role of depressant in central nervous system, slowing down the brain functions, particularly breathing apparatus functions. Vomiting is also potential danger, since the drunken person can accidently inhale the vomit and to suffocate. In addition, there is a risk of low body temperature or the so-called hypothermia. If the person mix pills with alcohol, there is a risk of unintentional overdose, which will lead to death.

Since the teenage binge is quite common problem, information of diagnosis is essential and taking adequate measures to help the affected person are necessity to save someone’s life.

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