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It is essential to treat our bodies well, if we wish to enable them to serve us well and therefore we should take care of them, like we would look after machines. This means that we should take our exercises and diet seriously. When practicing Reflexology, one should bear in mind that they can omit these important basic criteria of diet and exercise and that would prove disadvantageous. It is important that one should make sure that they balance all these issues when working on the Reflexology therapy.

There are certain basic preliminaries that we have to follow when we begin the therapy of Reflexology. The therapist gets all the information from you about your lifestyle and then makes alterations and offer advice on how to go about it in order to lead a healthier life before you get onto the actual therapy of Reflexology.
During the Reflexology session, you are not required to remove any clothes. This therapy basically concentrates on the legs and arms, so you may just have to remove your socks and shoes and men may loosen their ties. Do not wear clothing that is constricting such as belts and stockings. You are instructed to lie on the couch or sit on a modified chair in the office of the therapist. Your feet should be ideally placed for the reflexologist to be able to work on you.

The feet basically have to be relaxed during the session. The therapist massages one foot first using a special technique. His thumbs and fingers are used to work smoothly around the feet and encourage the energy to flow to all the zones by using mastered Reflexology techniques. Any blocks and imbalances encountered receive special attention for effective release. The reflexologist will enquire, if he finds any imbalances of energy, to try to figure out how that particular disorder was brought about. Patients feel relaxed during this treatment and some even fall asleep during the massage. Water is given to the patient after the treatment and a little rest period is advised till they are able to orient themselves and rise.

The treatment of Reflexology is not an alternative to any treatment that is used for medical problems that is life threatening. It is not possible to diagnose a problem or prescribe treatment for such conditions and should not be considered as a good alternative. However this type of therapy is popular with people who look for complementary type of treatments. The two common types of treatment offered are Reflexology of the hand and Reflexology of the foot. Pressure is applied on certain points in the hands and feet and when this is stimulated, the blood circulation increases and the muscles start functioning, with more activity. People, for the most part, do not realize that the hands and feet are as sensitive as the other body parts.

It is a fact that our hands and feet get stressed as well and the reflexologist identifies the changes that occur, when performing this therapy and feeling the delicate points. When the therapy is done, other organs that are linked to the hands and feet also feel the effects of the massage and experience changes. The end result is improved self-esteem which automatically gives a person positive approach to life and confidence. One is able to maintain an emotional balance physically and psychologically with this type of massage therapy.

Certain nerves run through the soles of our feet and connect to different areas in our body. These nerves get relaxed when pressure is applied on them by using the right techniques of Reflexology. Blockages, if any, are released during the therapy of Reflexology. The fingers are used by the therapist to exerting certain pressure. They may also use wooden sticks and other simple tools for working on the patient. When acupressure techniques are applies, small pins are stuck in strategic points, to stimulate the areas that require treating as part of the therapy for Reflexology.

Creams, or lotions may also be used, when giving a foot massage. It is necessary to remove socks, shoes and gloves during this session. The advantages of this Reflexology therapy are that anyone can avail of this therapy and there are no adverse reactions that can occur. People suffering from undue stress related problems find good relief with this technique of massage. It encourages a better sleep pattern after a few sessions. Severe cases of back pain, headaches and migraines are also treated with Reflexology. Problems with the digestive tract are corrected effectively and it is also indicated that infertility issues can also be solved with this type of massage. This is a great alternative method that one can resort to trying out safely for good and effective results.

Nowadays, many massage chairs are incorporated in Reflexology. The feet are generally targeted when you use these chairs. Through various points on the feet, major organs are connected and when certain points are stimulated, the person finds that they feel totally relaxed and get relief from that particular problem.

Nodules are fitted into the foot wells, where the leg rests in massage chairs that use Reflexology. Some of the plates can be removed if they are not required for that particular Reflexology massage. The Panasonic EP 30004 for example has the facility of removing plates.

Foot Flex technology is also incorporated in the Montage Elite massage chair that are manufactured by Omega. Here the nodules are mounted onto foot airbags for Reflexology. These activated nodes push into the feet gently and target certain spots to induce the entire body to relax completely.

The chair continues to massage the entire body when the feet are receiving the Reflexology massage. Massage chairs are run with automatic programs that are capable of handling the entire body. It is possible to target particular areas where you require relief. All this is possible by just pressing a few buttons. Therefore this method proves to be an excellent way of getting maximum relief from a lot of problematic areas.

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