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Today, the hottest news on health and diet supplements is the Acai Berry. These berries are constantly being featured on news programs, talk shows, newspapers and magazines. People are however concerned that they will be robbed off their money so they deny themselves the benefits that they can receive from the healthy Acai berries. You can make a smart decision if you read all about the fruits and stop worrying.

A scam that is associated with the Acai berries is that it is franchised to distributors. You pay a substantial amount to get the rights to buy the supplements at reduced rates and you then make a profit by selling it at a higher rate. The distributorship cost can be reimbursed when you get your first order with this type of business. If you have to pay a lot of money to a company to get the “right” to sell any of their products, it is possible that the product is not good.

Another type of Acai Berry scams is that people sign up for a free trial and then get billed for supplements that they did not order. It is important to check when you sign up for anything, especially when it says “free.” We are all aware that nothing comes free as there is always a tag involved. Many food supplements are advertised free, but you end up paying shipping costs every month for the health products. This holds good for other industries such as when you pick up CDs that are offered by Columbia House.

The first thing you should do is cancel the shipment when you get supplement on trial basis, before it gets charged to the credit card. You can check the pills you order and make sure you do not open the ones that you did not order and then find out from the company how you can return them. Most companies that are reputable will agree to take them back.

What is really scary about most Acai Berry scams is that companies tempt you by offering free trials and then go out of business, after charging you on your credit card. You can prevent this from happening. Find out if the company is legitimate in the market and has a standing. Secondly, you use the prepaid card that has just enough money to cover the free trial. When your credit card gets charged, the charge will be denied, as there is insufficient money to pay for the same.

The Acai Berry has been regarded as a popular health supplements, though many controversies have arisen globally, on the properties of these tiny purple berries that are mainly found in Central and Southern parts of America. These berries grow in swamps and flood plains and are noted for the fiber content, fatty acids and as antioxidants. The berry has been touted as excellent for promoting weight loss. Acai Berry works to suppress appetite as well as boosts the immune system and prevents free radicals from attacking and destroying cells. Your skin looks radiant when you take these berries.

Many people, out to make a quick buck, have capitalized on the new craze and set up fictitious sites and offer free trials that are pure scam. You end up having to deal with recurring orders appearing from your credit card, which you cannot cancel and you are subjected to various forms of tricks and Acai Berry scams from these unknown frauds. Robert Pearce, who is a security expert online, maintains that the problems here are not the Acai Berry, but the people who create problems, so you should learn how to avoid becoming victims of the Acai Beery scam online.

There are several factors you should be pay heed. Check if the site you visit has a phone number. It is perfectly legal to check if the company is honest, by calling and checking if they are legitimate, before you considering placing any orders. The other point to check is whether they have an address that they display online. It should have the company address and not just a PO-Box or a geographical address. If you look up independent review sites, you will be able to read reviews and know whether the people are genuine or not, to help you make sure that the site is safe. You can Google the name of the company or website and know whether they have a good reputation, as there is bound to be talk on several forums.

If a reputable large company makes billing mistakes, they make sure they resolve the misunderstanding quickly. However, small companies do not work legally and since the government is hard-pressed to keep up with their Acai Berry scams, they do not bother about customer satisfaction. Always ensure that you read the fine print carefully when you visit any site. If there is mention about any recurring billing on the website, you should stay away from the site and if they mention free trials and you have to cancel before a certain period in the billing cycle, beware for it is definitely a scam! Signing up for free trials is always a risk as they offer deals that are literally too good to be true!

The Acai berry is rightly considered a super food, as it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, for which there is no real substitute. These berries are grown in the heart of the Amazon jungles and grow like grapes in clusters. The Acai berry and the Palm tree stand tall in the forest canopy and the juice is used medicinally by the natives and as a great marinade for meats. This Acai berry therefore is considered more a super food that diet supplement.

Vitamins such as A, B1 & D are found in the Acai berry. The vitamins A & D aid in soaking up calcium by the body effectively. You get your daily energy from Vitamins B1. It is not good to get discouraged with these Acai Berry scams but you can look for diet supplements that work equally beneficially as the Acai berry. Watch out for companies that create Acai Berry scams and take credit for popularizing the fruit. Read the consumer comments and testimonials to know whether you should shop for these supplements and check out the evidences and images of the progress reports for your own benefit.

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