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How many of us realize how our dietary habits have slowly changed over the centuries and the way it has started to drastically affect our human health. Research on the subject, by advocators of the alkaline diet, indicates some startling revelations and many discussions have ensued on the subject. In the early years, all of us ate foods that naturally balanced the alkaline with the acidic. However, as newer innovations in the agricultural field were introduced, we automatically started to consume grains that were ground and processed in special machines and these were more acidic in nature. Salts, sugar and milk have also been discovered, which only adds to the issues that compound disastrous health problems.

Foods that are incorporated in the alkaline diet plan are tubers, citrus fruits, and various types of nuts, fresh vegetables and legumes. The chief element here is about keeping careful tabs on what you eat and not what you omit to eat. You will have to make conscious changes in your diet, if you wish to follow this diet plan by eliminating most of the starches, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and sugar from your diet.

Improved results will definitely be noticed once you follow this diet for a certain period. Many people who have been on this alkaline diet plan insist they felt more energetic and reported clearer blemish-free skin, weight loss, fewer pains and aches. Our body has a wondrous mechanism in that it can prevent us from being affected by major ailments, such as cancer, if it is nourished with the right types of food.

Some of the symptoms that require immediate change in the diet are ulcers and gastritis. You will be prescribed foods that will reduce the acidic levels in your abdomen to prevent ulcerous holes from forming, or burning of the esophagus, with spill over of acid in the system. It is essential to include vinegar, citrus fruits and various ascorbic vitamins and folic acid that will help balance the acid levels and reduce the acid content in the urine. Calcium pills work effectively to reduce acidity when it initially enters the abdominal tract.

When you eat foods that are acidic, they are digested in the stomach remain acidic. Pancreas is the organ that works to neutralize acidity, by turning foods to alkaline substances, from the nutrients in the abdomen as they travel through the intestines. Urine is the best natural chemical cleanser that takes care of any changes that we make in our diets by flushing out unwanted substances. Our stomach requires a certain amount of alkaline substances to break down and digest foods therefore it is necessary to add non-acidic foods to our diet. When there is more alkaline in the system, the cancer producing white blood cells are discouraged from developing and are only accelerated, when there is excess acidity. This is the theory behind which the alkaline diet plan has evolved.

The alkaline diet plan that is also advertised as the cancer diet plan, works on the basis of handling certain chemical reactions that are introduced in the body, with the foods that we normally eat. The enzymes in the body control the chemical reactions that are brought about by the nutrients that we imbibe. The enzymes in our body also work to maintain our normal pH levels in the body, which in turn, ensures the proper working of the enzymes. This cycle takes care of the chemical reactions that occur with the foods such as fruits and fresh vegetables that we eat. It is possible to change the urine type by changing your dietary supplements and taking the right foods such as vegetables and plenty of fresh fruit as it will reduce the acidic content in the urine. Though doctors may fail to tell you, the excess proteins that you consume by way of meats, go into the bloodstream, causing it to become more acidic and do not get stored in the body. To combat this situation you need to take more calcium, which in turn, increases the risk of osteoporoses. This is because the chemical reactions are affected by the intake of calcium, which is taken from the bones to convert the acid that enters your blood to alkaline content.

The medical fraternity is not enamored with this alkaline diet plan. While they do not dismiss it altogether, they do not stop anyone from following this plan if there are no medical reasons for staying away from this diet. It is easy to follow an alkaline diet plan, as it does not involve purchase or preparation of any complicated foods or trying out any complicated recipe. The foods listed are easy to spot in any grocery store and the only difficult part of this plan is to forego foods that we have been enjoying all along.

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