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The skin scars are result of a damaged dermis, the same is with the acne scars. Although picking acne is not recommended, many people cannot stand the temptation to pick those white spots. However, this habit can be considered as the man reason for acne appearance. Find here a few tips of how to prevent acne:

1. The healing will be successful, if you start treating acne at the earliest possible stage, not letting it to become chronic. Use only medical means to deal with the problem. If the acne go to a chronic stage, it will multiply and may resist to antibiotics, if they are taken for a long time.

2. Picking the lesions is a beginning of infection spreading all over the face. Pus can be drained at the physician’s office if that is necessary.

3. The necessity of good hygiene is obvious, so clean the area regularly with water and soap. Hibiclens is also a helpful preparation with antibacterial action and is ideal for acne prevention on oily skin.

People, who suffer from this skin disorder, have several effective options to choose from. For example, laser resurfacing offers a method of burning away the scars and replacing it with a healthy tissue. Dermabrasion works approximately the same way. However, you can first try some cheap and natural methods for acne healing, since they have proven to be effective for this condition. You will find below some great acne treating tips that you may try.

Aloe Vera has a lot of benefits for overall health and it included acne treatments as well. Apply the aloe Vera gel on the affected skin, which is going to sooth and clean up the skin from acne scars. It is also an effective remedy in supporting the skin tissue regeneration. Apply this get for an hour to receive the needed benefits before washing it off.

An oatmeal paste that is formed by combining an oatmeal powder a rose water can effectively be applied and have excellent effects in scar reducing and removing the pimples. To have the desired effect, this paste has to be applied every day for approximately 15 minutes after which you have to wash it off.

Honey is another effective remedy that has to be applied the same way as the oatmeal cleanser. Apply it directly to the affected skin for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water. The enzymes that honey contains will neutralize the bacteria that cause acne and will heal the acne scars.

Another good natural remedy is applying the lemon juice for a several minutes, using a cotton swab and than wash it of. The lemon acid will penetrate trough the upper skin layers and will remove the redness caused by the inflammation.

Although these natural remedies should not cause any allergic reaction to most people, if you notice any reaction, immediately stop applying them. In addition to this treatment, you can include drinking of 5 pints water per day, which will wash off toxins from your body. The benefits of healthy diet that should include a lot of vegetables and fruit are indubitable in acne scars treatment.

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