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There are so many things that cause stress in life today. Perhaps you have work related problems, personal problems, you are going through bullying, and perhaps you have financial challenges and such like things that are known to trigger stress. The following are some stress related symptoms that could be tell-tale signs of stress.

- Difficulty getting sleep or waking up at night soaked in hot sweat, inability to sleep undisturbed for a period of at least 6 hours, feeling fatigued every night as you retire and finding it hard to have a sleep pattern?

- Constant headaches and unexplained migraines throughout the day and night could also be an indicator of stress and are highly likely to remain till you solve the underlying cause of stress

- Chronic itching could also be an indicator of stress

- Unexplained loss of hair, which is believed to also worsen the condition as it, is a source of stress in its own right. So if you are stressed and you notice hair loss, you are advised to seek urgent medical attention to help control your hair loss.

The above-mentioned are just few of many stress related symptoms. The good thing with stress however is that you can seek professional help and get the situation contained. A professional specialist will help you identify your stress triggers and work towards combating the problem from the root cause. As a result, you will be able to not only control your situation but also hopefully get rid of the triggers of stress so you can lead a normal stress free life.

Apart from professional assistance, if you find that you are constantly dealing with lots of stress, the other effective stress remedy is to look for natural alternatives to get rid of stress. Luckily, just like anxiety, stress can be cured and combated naturally, giving you the much needed relief without taking medications that are potentially addictive or very dangerous. The following are some great stress relief tips to help you not only cope with the condition but also get rid of it naturally.

1. Increase your physical activity

Did you know that an activity as simple as walking, which we do unknowingly, could be the remedy you ever need to get rid of stress and stressors in your life? If you didn’t know now you know and so you should ensure you increase your physical activity. Be motivated and be very active and ensure your life has activities that will keep your body as active as never before. Something as simple as walking, swimming, jogging, and such like activities that improve your heart beat will really help in relieving stress and anxiety. As your heart rate increases with such physical activities, your body will pump up blood and endorphins will be released that will make you feel elevated and far much better.

2. Replace your coffee with green tea

Rather than taking coffee which is widely known as a depressant, why not opt for a natural and safe green tea. Green tea is known for its potency in making one feel calm and relaxed, perhaps because of the availability of L-theanine, indeed a great stress-relieving ingredient. According to researches and studies contacted in different parts of the world, green tea will not only relieve anxiety and stress, it will also lower your blood pressure, make you concentrate better, and fight off depression among other great benefits.

3. Aromatherapy

The third option at your disposal when it comes to curing and combating stress is through aromatherapy … a natural and very effective stress and anxiety remedy known to man since time immemorial. Aromatherapy calms your senses thanks to the amazing soothing and irresistible smells. The reason why this is effective is because you can use the oils for aromatherapy in your bath water and give yourself a nice tranquil soak as you relinquish your stress. Alternatively, you can get a massage done with these aromatic aromatherapy oils. Here you get to benefit not only from the oils but also from the massage, which will calm your nerves and muscles and make you relaxed. Scented candles can also be great for aromatherapy at home.

4. Herbal Supplements

Further, herbal supplements are also great for relieving stress and anxiety in the most natural way possible. A known stress reliever is Kava, the famous St. John’s Wort which are readily available at local health drug or food stores. There are so many other herbal supplements available in the market today which you can use to relieve and combat stress naturally, and the best way to get started is to visit a certified naturopath who will recommend herbal supplements ideal for you as an individual.
There is nothing as stressful and frustrating as living with stress, which is very dangerous to not only your health but also mental status.

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