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If you are considering having your hair removed by laser procedure, one major consideration and a great determining factor is the cost of the procedure, which will be determined by one of several factors. The cost of hair removal by laser procedure will vary significantly and will be determined by factors such as geography, the amount of hair you want removed, and the type of laser you will be using to get the hair removed. The amount of time that the session takes, the kind of payment package you opt for and the exact body part you want hair removed are also critical determinants of the cost of hair removal.

One thing though that should be mentioned is that price is not the only thing to put into consideration when going for laser hair removal, there are other important things. You shouldn’t pinch pennies at the expense of the quality of service that you get. The other thing is that you should ensure you have a good and sensible cost structure before you commence treatment. But of course as mentioned cost is the major determining factor.

There are clinics give patients some form of discount when they pay the service fee in advance. Thus, it is always advisable to have your eyes on the ground and search for all options and offers being offered within your locality before you settle on a specific clinic that you will have the procedure done. The reason why the cost will vary from one person to another is because people are very different and so is their hair growth pattern. As a result, the cost of removing the hair and the end results will be doctored to each individual needs, hence the significant difference in price. This explains the reason why most clinics request someone to first get a consultation done before a final price is quote.

There are men who have their back hair growing densely and evenly and which have very thick hair shafts. There are others who will have sparsely and finely growing hair. There are ladies on the other hand who will have easily noticeable facial hair and there are others who will have fine light facial hair that isn’t noticeable as much. As such, some consultants will charge the cost of removing hair per amount of time taken. Just like the pricing structure of electrolysis, it isn’t uncommon to find some hair removal clinics charging for each 15 minute session that the procedure takes.

For example you will find a clinic charging around £100 per each 15 minute hair removal session; it will that if the back of a man takes circa an hour, he will end up paying £400 for the entire procedure. There are also clinics that charge based on the number of pulses it takes to remove hair in a given body part, where a pulse is counted every time the laser machine fires up. A ‘pulse’ could take circa a second during which hundreds of hairs can be removed. Some laser hair removal clinics charge around £1 per pulse but set a minimum fee to be paid per body area.

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