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The following are the basic health benefits you get from a regular exercise regime.

1. Reduce cholesterol
As you age, your cholesterol starts to move in the opposite direction. Low-density lipoprotein, otherwise known as bad cholesterol will increase while high-density lipoprotein otherwise referred to as good cholesterol will start to reduce. Sadly, that isn’t the perfect combination for optimal health as it makes you vulnerable to diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and arthrosclerosis. The only guaranteed way to maintain the perfect balance of your cholesterol levels is to exercise and review your diet to one which is low in saturated fats.

2. Reduce triglycerides
The only way you can have a low triglyceride level is to exercise, there is no shortcut. Triglycerides are a type of fat mostly found in blood and whose high levels are linked with heart disease risks.

3. Reduce your high blood pressure risks
With a high blood pressure, you become vulnerable to stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Sadly, blood pressure levels will increase as you age, but they don’t have to if you maintain a good regular exercise regime. The more physically active you remain, the lower your chances of developing hypertension.

4. Reduce inflammation
By exercising regularly, you reduce your levels of the C-reactive protein, what measures inflammation. A reduced inflammation is very important since if the lining of your arteries is heavily laden with cholesterol, you will be vulnerable to heart attacks the moment they become inflamed. According to a study done back in 2006 by Mayo Clinic researchers in Rochester, Minnesota, it was established that men who are physically fit and active had low levels of the C-reactive protein, together with other indicators of inflammation.

5. Fortify your blood vessels
Regular intake of alcohol, smoking, aging and the accumulation of cholesterol all tend to stiffen your blood vessels, thus making you more vulnerable to heart attack. There is enough evidence to believe that exercising helps maintain your body’s ability to respond to changing demands. Note that for your body to be able to respond as expected to changing demands for oxygen and stuff, the blood vessels ought to be flexible enough, they ought to narrow and widen without showing any signs of stiffness.

6. Reduce your diabetes risks
One of the biggest health concerns in the world today is adult onset diabetes, which is mostly attributed to too much fat in the body. The only way you can reduce your risks of getting diabetes is by remaining active and keeping your weight in check. Different studies have actually indicated that even with people who are suffering from obesity or being overweight, exercising diminishes their risks of diabetes. A recent research done by the Diabetes Prevention Program established that regular exercise reduces the risk of getting type II diabetes by up to 58% over a 3-year period.

7. Reduce your risks of colon cancer
Experts believe that over 80% of colon cancer can be prevented by simple exercises coupled with a healthy diet characterized by whole grains and fiber. Colon cancer is the leading cause of deaths today, and can be combated by a simple physical activity program, which could diminish the risks by up to 30-40%.

8. Fortify your bones
Thinning and weak bones are another uninvited effect of aging, which can make you prone to many health complications, including fractures, osteoporosis etc. A study conducted for 3,262 men who ranged in between the ages of 40-60 showed that strenuous physical activity significantly reduced the risk of hip fractures.

9. Lose Wright
If pride is enough to push you to the gym, think about this – an era of regular exercise, even simple activities such as walking for half an hour each day, can significantly help keep that unsightly belly from showing above your belt. According to findings recorded from the National Weight Control Registry, people who are physically active manage to lose, and keep off, over 10% of their body weight for at least one year. Physical activity for weight loss could be as simple as doing aerobics, swimming, weight lifting, walking, jogging, cycling, climbing the stairs, running, etc, simply anything that has the potential to burn an extra 3298 calories each week.

10. For a longer fulfilling life
How do you wish to spend your sunset years? With diseases that will keep you confined in bed or happy and strong touring the world and enjoying your retirement benefit package? Well, if you want to have a future free of diseases, you should start being active now. In a study conducted back in 2004 at the Finland’s University of Kuopio, it showed that men who did regular physical activities in their leisure time such as playing ball, swimming, jogging, skiing, walking, cycling, or serious gardening, had up to 25% less risk of developing cardiovascular related diseases or experience premature deaths.

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