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The electronic cigarette or simply e cigarette is a clever innovation that has been around for a period of 3 years now and which is targeted at giving smokers a healthier alternative that will not only reduce their intake of harmful substances but will indeed help them quit smoking. Today, e cigarettes are very user friendly seeing as it is they are almost the same size in terms of length as the normal traditional cigarette unlike before when the e cigarette was too big to get a significant market appeal. A good example of the e cigarette is the ‘mini’, which is around 100mm long just as a conventional cigarette is.

While the e cigarette has the same taste and feel of tobacco, it is just that, taste and feel, it doesn’t contain the not-so-good substances that are found in a normal cigarette and which make one crave for more of it in order to get satisfied. An e cigarette comes in form of a battery; a renewable nicotine compartment and an atomizer which when combined allow you to hold and go ahead to smoke your e cigarette as you would a normal cigarette.

Actually, you can even create that ‘smoke’ like haze and then glow it at the end when you will be drawing. The availability of the nicotine chamber is seen as a blessing by many since its cartridges are available in varying potency, allowing you to reduce your intake of nicotine as you wish until you can quit permanently and easily out of your own wish.

The cartridge, which lasts for the same period of time as 20 cigarettes would last, creates a significant saving to your normal cigarettes costs. No, low, medium and standard are the different nicotine cartridge strengths available in the market today. The benefits of the electronic cigarette are just too many to end there. For one, because this version does not emit any harmful substances or even ‘real’ smoke, they are legal to smoke them anywhere even in public. No wonder they have become a favorite for many people especially during the cold winter months.

You see if you were smoking a normal cigarette during these months, you would have to either resist the urge to smoke (which is very strong for one to do) or brave the winter rain and numbing cold to get a quick break for smoking, but the e-cigarette allows you to stay wherever you are and enjoy your cigarette whether you are in a pub, restaurant, or even office. As a non-smoker, you also will benefit because days of being a passive smoker will be history. It is therefore correct to say that the electronic cigarette is an affordable, eco-friendly and healthier alternative to smoking.

It is because of this that the electronic cigarette has gained so much in the popularity today more than ever before, justifying the exponential market growth being experienced today in the cigarette market. Ever since the real dangers of smoking were exposed several decades ago, many people have had a very difficult time trying to quit smoking tobacco. The market not to be left behind, they have become very innovative in their efforts to produce smoke cessation products ranging from nicotine gum to patches. While these have proven effective to some people, not many people have benefitted from them as quitting nicotine addiction is very hard.

The electronic cigarette, electric cigarettes, or e-cigarette if you like are the newest addition in the market. These have been designed to feel and actually look like a real cigarette even goes ahead to emit artificial smoke to emulate real smoking, but of course they do not contain tobacco. You get to breathe in nicotine vapor which appears like smoke but minus the carcinogens you will get when smoking real tobacco.

The electronic cigarette works in such a way that a nicotine cartridge found in the whole package has some liquid nicotine in it such that when you inhale it as you would a normal cigarette, a small battery powered atomizer will turn a very tiny amount of nicotine in its liquid form into nicotine vapor. Once you inhale the vapor you will get nicotine hit in a matter of seconds unlike the duration it will take to get the same hit when you use a nicotine gum or patch. Once you inhale, a tiny LED light glows orange at the tip of your cigarette simulating an actual cigarette.

The main reason why e cigarettes are more effective over nicotine gum or patches is because of getting much quicker nicotine hit and secondly, and perhaps the reason why many people fail to quit smoking using nicotine gums and patches is because the smoker misses the actual act of smoking from a cylindrical item. The e cigarette is thus very effective as it emulates the actual act of smoking from a cylindrical item and even goes ahead to emulate the smoke emission itself.

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