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Many people have been led to believe that snacking is bad, but in reality, snacking is one of the best ways to refuel and replenish your body, regulate your energy and blood sugar levels and more importantly control your eating. To some extend though, snacking for the sake of snacking can do more harm than good, and that is why you need to be well informed when it comes to snacking and the healthy alternatives you have at your disposal.

Just like any other type of food, snacks too are categorized into healthy and unhealthy choices, so making an informed decision will go a very long way. By snacking on healthy snacks, you will be giving your body the much needed nutrients to curb binge eating and at the same time supply some important nutrients. If you look to lose weight, you should keep in mind that your body must be healthy so it can be able to lose weight. Here are some ideas of healthy guilt-free snacks you can enjoy any time of day or night.

- Yogurt especially plain yogurt is highly advisable because those with flavors are always rich in sugar. If you must have flavored yogurt, why don’t you use fruit to flavor it. A great choice is blueberries since they are significantly low in glycemic content hence will create a perfect balance between your insulin and blood glucose levels.

- Wrap your romaine lettuce with organic turkey and skim mozzarella cheese or Raw-Milk. Of all types of lettuce available today, Romaine lettuce is known to have the highest fiber and nutritional content. As for turkey, it is known to be 94% rich in protein hence will go a very long way in enhancing your metabolism and reducing your hunger, the perfect combination for losing weight.

- Opt for shrimp cocktail which is known to be 90% protein. If you want a low cal high protein snack, you might try putting in cocktail sauce.

- Nuts, a handful of them, especially walnuts are known to be very rich in fiber and protein and omega 3 fatty acids (known as healthy fats) which are known to reduce someone’s risk of getting diseases. Further, Omega-3 fatty acids are a great anti-inflammatory so they will help prevent the occurrence of inflammatory diseases like heart disease and stroke.

- Almond butter coupled with celery sticks are also a perfect protein rich combination boasting lots of energy and monounsaturated fats. The reason why Almond butter is advised is because unlike peanut butter, it contains no artificial preservatives or ingredients.

- Another great snack is deviled eggs, which are equally very rich in protein.

- Banana nut pop is also another healthy snack worth having. You see banana is very rich in potassium and fiber. However, they are very rich in sugar so they should be taken in moderation. For a different flavor of the same thing, why not try dipping your banana in plain unsweetened organic yogurt and then go ahead to roll in coconut or walnuts. You see, coconuts are known to contain anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties hence are among the best sources for Medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids (MCFA).

- The other great snack is the Lemon Tuna Avocado combo. Cut a medium sized avocado into two and then scoop all flesh in a clean bowl, mix with tuna and then squeeze in lemon juice. Avocado is very rich in monounsaturated fats and also potassium while tuna is a known potent source of omega-3 fatty acid and proteins, not to mention the fact that it is very dense nutritionally. Your intake of proteins will contribute to weight loss since you will be building muscles in the process which in turn will expend more calories.

- Have you ever thought that smoked salmon could be another healthy snack? However, you should avoid salmon that has already been stifled in brown sugar. As it is widely known, salmon is one of the richest sources of protein and good fats in the whole world.

With that being said, healthy snacks are great not only for you but also for the kids. You see it is more about how you present the snacks to your little ones and not really the kinds of foods on the menu. However, you should try to give your children the snacks they had once tried before in the past. For instance, if you had once tried broccoli but was not much appreciated, you might want to introduce another healthy snack and skip it this time round. Try and re-introduce the broccoli snack at a later date. You might want to capitalize on what they had taken and liked before and then start to build your recipes from there. It will only be a matter of time before they start to sample the best of everything that you have to offer them in terms of healthy snacks.

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