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Quite often, when people who are trying to lose weight here about walking, they will give this form of exercising an awful rap as they have been led to believe it is not an effective and challenging exercise that they want it to be. You see, when you study a calorie calculator, you will discover that you need to walk two times as much as an individual who is jogging in order to be able to expend the exact number of calories. The truth of the matter however is that walking isn’t the problem, you are!

Walking is as easy as ABC, can be done anywhere, anytime, and doesn’t need any special equipment to do. Besides, it doesn’t need any special skill or a learning curve, it is simply something that you can make it part and parcel of your typical day. However, it is believed that people are not walking as briskly as is required to attain the recommended level of intensity that will help them lose weight. So, how will you know you are walking fast enough? Here is a checklist that will help you walk more effectively.
- Reduce your strides so you can be able to take shorter but quicker steps

- Propel your arms while walking, while keeping the elbows at 90degrees. To boost your intensity in your walking, why don’t you swing your arms from front to back

- While walking, ensure you take a good posture and maintain an upright posture so you can breathe easily and avoid exerting unnecessary pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back

- Walk briskly i.e. fast enough to be able to cover a minimum of 3.5miles an hour. In other words, walk one mile, time it then start to walk again. If you take 15 or fewer minutes to cover that single mile, then you are walking briskly.

- Walk for a long enough time, at least between 30 and 60 minutes per session

- As you walk, monitor your level of intensity. To be on acceptable track, walk as you would do when you are late in catching a bus or late for an appointment. That is how you should walk for successful weight loss

- To Season things up a little bit and enhance your success rate, why don’t you add jogging or even speed walking so you can boost your level of intensity?

With that being said, walking is a great way to fulfill your cardiovascular requirements, but only if you are committed to work extra hard enough. Walking for successful weight loss is not about taking that relaxed stroll. This shouldn’t be construed to mean that an unhurried/ leisurely stroll is bad, but if you really want to lose weight by walking, you should save the leisurely strolls and add some pace to it.

You burn calories and eventually lose weight by calculating your weight, multiplied by distance which equals to the energy that you use walking. For starters, you shouldn’t be too concerned with time at the expense of distance. Start by working on your distance before you think of your speed and you will be well on your way to success.

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