18 Mar

Knee Pain

Posted by: Georgi 

Various Methods of Coping with Severe Knee Pain

As you begin to advance in years, you feel as if all the pain that has built from injuries over the years has caught up with you.

At one stage, I was able to perform outstanding stunts and win prizes, as I was determine to beat everyone else in the neighbourhood though it did not make me gain in popularity. However, I suffer from severe knee pains today, especially when I bend them and cannot dream of thinking along the same lines.

Though I have aged in years and it shows on my body, I still feel young at heart. I would love to continue playing soccer, climbing Mount Everest or canoeing with my friends outdoors. However, my body does not seem to agree with my thoughts.

I notice that every time I bend, I experience a lot of knee pain even though I perform mundane tasks. The mere action of climbing up stairs or picking something that has fallen on the ground, makes me suffer excruciating pain.

I would normally use the excuse of pain to avoid doing household chores, such as vacuuming and cleaning, even though my wife felt it necessary that I move around. I now find that I am unable to concentrate do any work or play a game of soccer with my men friends due to the severity of the pain.

The pain is worse at night when the ligaments of my muscles feel especially tender and sends out sharp shooting pains. At these times, I am unable to even bend my knee and suffer extreme discomfort.

There are days when I am confined to bed as the knee pain especially when I bend it is intolerable. I find it such a waste as I could spend the time more profitably enjoying the weather and being active.

Knee injuries may look like they have healed over a period. However, the truth is that the pain actually accumulates and manifests itself later when you advance in years even though the injury feels healed.

The whole issue was beginning to get out of hand to the extent that my wife began discussing my problem with her friends. Women may jabber quite a bit, but when it comes to suggesting remedies for relief from pain, you cannot beat them, especially when it concerns knee bending. Today, I am grateful to them for their suggestions, which have helped me lead a life free of pain and enjoy my Sundays with the boys playing Soccer!

I was amazed at the remedy suggested by these women for knee pain. I did not realize that the remedy was lying in my own backyard! The therapy suggested for effective relief from knee pain was to perform some water exercises.

All that was required was trying out simple exercises in the pool. Walking in the pool actually strengthens the ligaments, tendons and muscles thereby easing pain in the knee. Of course, I had to work at it, but it truly made a fantastic difference.

The concept is clear and straightforward. When you perform regular exercises, you end up putting a lot of strain on the knees. When you exercise under water, the water automatically lifts the body weight and therefore the knee is not stressed with the exercises.

It is vital to learn to work around the problem. People are restricted with their activities because they take these pains for granted and suffer the consequences. The mere act of standing and moving around causes a lot of stress, as the joints and surrounding tissues become stiff due to lack of mobility.

It is vital for individuals to take action by adopting the different remedy treatments. Unless the physician specifically instructs the patient to stop moving the knee, due to a medical problem it is necessary to keep moving the knee around.

There are various ways to bring about relief when one is inflicted with knee pain. Pills and prescriptions are available for the purpose. It is possible for people to use ice or heat packs to reduce the swelling and ease the pain. Topical creams and gels are available that work as muscle relaxants that work to support the ligaments and tendon structures. One way of getting relief from knee pain is to rest the knee. However, pain can be reduced sufficiently, if one uses ointments and creams on the afflicted area. The other option is to use “ace bandages” or elastic wraps that offer support and alleviates the pressure from the knee joint. If the knee has to be kept in an immobilized position, according to the doctor’s instructions, one can use braces that are specifically designed for this purpose. Tylenol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen tablets help to provide relief from pain when taken along with any of the above options.

There are many instances when the pain is so severe that no home remedies help to relieve the pain. In such cases, there is no alternative but to use pain killers, use antibiotics or steroids to work effectively. Several anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids are also suggested by the physician to help cope with the pain and deal with it at source.

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