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Tinnitus is a very serious health condition characterized by disturbing noises in between your ears, sometimes which can be very painful and unbearable. While tinnitus is a common health condition, its chronic version can get out of hand, especially seeing as it is that is not a condition that can be cured overnight. Getting tinnitus relief, especially when in the chronic stage, can be likened to finding a needle in hay stack. Not to be discouraged though, there are some things that you can do that will help you manage the condition, at least bringing down the noises to a manageable level.

Hearing aids
First and foremost, you need to get a hearing test done when you suspect tinnitus. This is because in most cases, the condition can be as a result of an underlying hearing problem meaning your hearing of external will be compromised and will only be able to hear noises that are coming from inside. As is therefore expected, most tinnitus noises emanate from within your inner ear and will thus be more apparent if you are suffering from a hearing complication.

Thus, one effective way of controlling tinnitus is by use of hearing aids whereby they can help increase the sensitivity of your ears to outside noises, a move that will make buzzing and humming noises become less of a problem. However, if you find that you are suffering from pulsatile tinnitus, you should seek further medical checkup from a licensed and qualified medical practitioner as it could often be a cause for more serious problems.

Yoga for Tinnitus
There is enough reason to believe that tinnitus is worsened by stress. Further, tight muscles surrounding the neck and head, which are as a result of stress, can also worsen the occurrence of the noises in some situations. One way that has proven very effective in controlling stress and its related symptoms is through yoga. Yoga will help your body relax so you will be less likely to hear the noises.

Other Tinnitus Solutions
One of the most difficult conditions that has proven very difficult to solve is chronic tinnitus, particularly because it isn’t caused by a single thing, it is a combination of one of many things. You have no reason to give up though as there are ways in which you can reduce the effects and the noises you hear, and actually have some ‘sane’ moments in the process.

There are some people who experience and get to hear some unusual tones in the ears referred to as Geopathic Tectonic Tinnitus. The reason why it is geopathic is because it is a state related to environmental stress and issues, the reason why it is tectonic is because it can trace its origins from the movement of tectonic plates or simply the ‘earth’s crust. These events then cause a semi-permanent ‘tinnitus’ condition, a condition otherwise referred to as the ‘Earthquake Ear Tone’.

Apart from audio signs, others geopathic stress symptoms could include irascibility, anxiety, vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness and throbbing unbearable headaches. The duration could last from several seconds to minutes and the ear tones could be very high, medium, or low in pitch occurring in one or both ears concurrently. They could be accompanied by a sort of ‘pressure block; whose intensity and degree also varies. Another version of the same is a ‘silent block’ with no apparent ear tones. People who experience this are referred to as ‘sensitives’.

Ear tone Earthquake Predictions
The Geopathic Phenomenon of Tectonic Tinnitus is universal in scale since sensitives will report varying ear tones form different geographical locations. There will be variation in the tonal characters if the vocal emissions emanate from water or land. Researchers have discovered that the crust of the earth can be a very strong seismic signaling medium. It is to be mentioned that, although occasionally, when someone gets a ‘silent ear block’, it could be a natural way of their body protecting their hearing senses. It is no wonder some ‘sensitives’ can be able to factually predict the direction and more importantly magnitude of a quake in a few days.

When addressing a condition like tinnitus, you should be advised that exercise and diet will always go hand in hand. By ensuring you are engaged in daily physical activities, you will significantly reduce the symptoms related to tinnitus. Further, exercising will help boost overall blood circulation in your body which in turn facilitates flow of blood to the ears and the surrounding areas thus affecting not only the volume but also the frequency of the ringing and buzzing that you hear. Needless to mention, exercising is a known way of fighting stress, and although not a direct tinnitus trigger, stress can play a very significant part in the level of severity of your tinnitus condition.

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