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A beta blocker medication to prevent certain ailments
People suffering from problems with high blood pressure take Nadolol, either alone or with other medicines. Nadolol is also prescribed to avoid chest pains or angina. Classified as a beta blocker, this medicine works to relax the blood vessels and slow down the heart rate. When the blood flow improves the blood pressure is automatically lowered.

The right method of imbibing this medicine
Nadolol is generally taken once a day, either alone or during meals, preferably at a certain time to help remember taking the medication. Your physician or pharmacist will be able to guide you if you cannot understand the instructions for taking the tablet or need any clarifications. It is important to follow directions specifically and take the right dosage prescribed. It would be unwise to take an overdose or lower the dosage on your own.

The doctor will work out the right dosage required for your condition and instruct you accordingly.
It is necessary to understand that Nadolol does not cure problems related with angina or blood pressure. By taking the medication regularly, the levels are controlled and one begins to feel the benefits of medicine. It is advisable to stay on the medication, even when one begins to feel perfectly well again.

Nadolol as a versatile medication.
Doctors also prescribe Nadalol for problems, such as migraine headaches and irregular heartbeats. It is also prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease to control the tremors. Your doctor will be able to advise you of the risks involved, when taking Nadilol in your condition.

There may be other uses also for this medication. Check with your doctor or a pharmacist to get the required information.

Things to consider before taking Nadolol
- Inform your doctor if you are prone to any allergic reactions to this or any medications.

- Give a list of the medications, vitamins, herbal products, nutritional supplements and other medications that you take without a prescription. It is imperative that you let him know if you are taking insulin, any oral tables for diabetes or any alkaloid drugs. The doctor will change the dose accordingly and monitor the progress to guard against side effects.

- The doctor should be compulsorily informed if you have other medical problems, such as Asthma, slow heart rate, any lung, heart or kidney disease, hyperthyroidism (which is an overactive gland, diabetes or any type of allergy.

- Inform if you fall pregnant when taking Nadolol. You should also keep the doctor in the know if you are planning to have a baby or if you happen to be become pregnant at the time.

- The doctor should be clearly informed about past surgeries, if any. You may have had some dental surgery or used Nadolol before.

- Taking alchohol with Nadolol will only serve to make the patient drowsier.

Side effects of Nadolol
If you begin to suddenly feel lightheaded, suffer dizzy spells or feel excessively tired, you should inform the doctor immediately as these could be side effects of the tablet.

Some side effects can be more serious than others can. You may experience some uncommon symptoms such as a fainting spell, shortness of breath, swelling in the feet, ankles, lower legs or hands. This should immediately be brought to the notice of the doctor.

Play safe by notifying the doctor about any side effects that you may feel when taking Nadolol.

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