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Not many people have all the time in the world to mix a skin-improving homemade recipe but here is a selection of antioxidant rich products for your face that you can always try.

Strawberries – while all types of berries are known to be great sources of vitamin C that acts as a great ingredient for anti-aging, you can always find the most potent version of this vitamin in a topical serum form, as is the case with the new SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF that goes for only $118. This has proven very effective in preventing premature aging and helping in repairing sun-damaged skin. For best results, you should apply a few drops of this product immediately after washing your face but before applying a sunblock or moisturizer.

Pomegranate – if you want to reap the benefits of honey i.e. the soothing and hydrating properties, and to make use of the skin-brightening power that pomegranate has been known for, look no further beyond the Aqua Dessa Spa Therapy Honey Pomegranate Facial Cleansing Foam that goes for only $25. Among other things, it help get rid of dirt and accumulated makeup. The best thing about this product is that it is very mild to a point that it can be used on a daily basis with no harmful side effects.

Pumpkin – take advantage of the many ingredients that the Zia Natural Skincare’s Pumpkin Exfoliating masks that retails at $24.95 to unclog pores, to purify your skin, to cleanse off dead skin cells and many more things. It boasts ingredients such as vitamins A and E. For best results apply the mask on a clean damp face, allow resting for 5-15v minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Here are some honey beauty tips that you can try at home
- Apply a mask of pure honey on your and leave on your face for 15 minutes until dry and then rinse with warm water
- Give yourself a whole-body glow bath by applying honey on your body as you take a bath. This you do by applying honey and then patting it dry using both of your hands. As you do it, you will feel some stickiness which will pull your skin up. When done, rinse away all honey. This simple process moisturizes and smoothens your skin giving you a great blood circulation and an attractive glowing skin.
- Make your own daily facial cleanser by mixing a teaspoon of honey with some milk powder and then applying on your face. This cleanser will open clogged pores and help you remove dirt and makeup. Apply evenly before washing off with warm water.\
- A good honey scrub can be made by mixing a teaspoon of honey with some almond flour and then gently applying on your face as you scrub lightly. Afterwards, rinse with warm water to get rid of all honey.
- Do you want to add some shine and luster to your hair? Trust honey to do that. Just mix a teaspoon of honey in a quart of warm water and squeeze in some fresh lemon. Use your normal shampoo on your hair and then pour the mixture, giving it time to dry as you would normally.

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