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We live in a world that is rapidly paced, as fast as a microwave is the speed at which life moves these days. The saddest thing is that life can become so fast that it becomes extremely difficult to have some ‘me’ time say to go to the salon and pamper yourself with some massage, pedicure, manicure and hair removal procedure. Talking of hair removal, there are so many ways you can get rid of redundant hair e.g. through waxing, laser hair removal procedure, use of hair removal creams etc.

Waxing is a good way to get started, but it is very painful for many to withstand the pain. Laser hair removal is another effective procedure to take but can leave you begging for money on the streets as it is very expensive for many to afford. This leaves us with hair removal creams which have proven very effective not only because they are affordable but also because of the fact that they are very safe and very fast. Within a few minutes you can get rid of all excess hair and remain with your beautiful flawless skin.

The good thing with hair removal creams is that they are readily available in the market in abundance and are designed to cater to all types of skin. This therefore means that if you have an oily skin type, a dry skin type, a normal skin type or a sensitive skin type, you can always get the exact match to your skin type. Once you get the perfect hair removal skin for your skin type, you are advised to apply the cream to a small hidden part of your body and leave for around 10 minutes. In case of any allergic reactions to the cream or a specific ingredient in the cream, 10 minutes is long enough for a rash to show. If no rash however shows, or no signs of skin irritation of some sort, you can safely go ahead and use the cream on all body parts that you want to remove hair. In case a rash occurs, then you will safely drop the cream and go for another one.

One thing though, before applying the hair removal cream, there are some important things you need to keep in mind for best results. First and foremost, there is a way in which the cream is applied. You need to apply the hair removal cream by gently dabbing it on your skin and ensuring you do not rub the area as it can open up skin pores giving way for the cream to get beneath the skin. Also, you need to follow instructions especially when it comes to the time you are supposed to leave the cream on your skin. Normally, it takes not more than 12 minutes with most creams.

Once the time elapses, you are advised to wipe the area using a clean warm piece of cloth or towel. All hair removed will get into your towel and as a result you will end up with a softer, smoother, skin free of hair.

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