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Yoga for a Back Problem:
Your doctor should certify that you could do yoga if you suffer from a back problem. Since back pain is the direct result of certain biomechanical imbalances in the spinal structure, the doctor will inform you of:

- Certain movements to avoid

- Which is the best recourse to take

- How to play safe

- How Medication effects the exercise

Advantages of using a Good Yoga Teacher
An experience Yoga Teacher will listen to your problems and advice, given by the doctor and use props or modify certain exercises, so that you can perform yoga safely in spite of certain medical limitations to your advantage.

It is best to be under the guidance of a professional, rather than try to rehabilitate yourself by being your own teacher.

Maintain the Right Balance:
The reason for back pain is often the result of an imbalance between flexibility and strength of different muscles in the body. Most often, the problem occurs due to tightness in the hips or shoulders, which are key areas for movement. Yoga helps to relive this tension and alleviate back pain by targeting the muscles. These muscles can be strengthened with yoga. Simple stretches and flexing exercises develop muscle strength and provide the right balance.

Yoga exercises that help to alleviate back pain
The types of exercises that can be performed with yoga are multifarious. One can perform gentle or vigorous exercises, taking into consideration emotions and spirituality or settle for hatha yoga, which focuses on physical postures. A person, suffering from back pain, could begin with hatha yoga and benefit from their restoration classes. Patients with back problems should only try gentle exercises. Refrain from trying to perform Kundalini, Bikram or Ashtanga, which are more challenging and difficult.

Developing body awareness and alignment with Hatha Yoga
The Hallmark of Hatha Yoga is to place emphasis on alignment and body awareness. We understand that every body part, such as spine, knees, hips, feet, shoulders and head are inter- related and therefore one can affect the other. Yoga works much on the same principle as Pilates, though they do not concentrate on developing and strengthening the muscles in the abdomen as done with Pilates.

Use Props and Modify Exercises to Reduce Additional Strain
The use of props helps a person to perform yoga without increasing the pain. The use of props is beneficial for those who have weak or tight muscles that need to be loosened.

Be perfectly Relaxed

Breathing deeply helps to reduce stress and perform the stretches easily. The right breathing techniques are encouraged to help those in pain. Some classes use a spiritual theme to help heal people by providing the right environment for good workouts.

Choose the right Yoga Teacher
Before honing in on the right yoga teacher, make sure you ask the pertinent questions and try to find out how skilled he or she is to help you with your back and neck problems, so that you can get rid of them effectively.

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