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If you are like many, you burn with envy when you see a former classmate or a colleague at work that has fresh and lustrous glowing skin yet you are in the same age bracket. You have wondered what they do to maintain their skin luster and keep wrinkles and laugh lines at bay while all you are contended with is a wrinkled face and very many uncountable fine lines. Well, rest assured there is no miraculous secret that they are using, a smooth and youthful skin is not about genetic composition or luck, it all has to do with what goes into your mouth and how well you take good care of your skin. What you eat and how you care for your skin has a direct impact on how your skin texture will improve over time. So here is how you can do it.

- First and foremost you are advised to eat as many fresh green veggies and fresh fruits as possible. This is because fruits and vegetables are known to be very rich in Vitamin C hence will significantly reduce fine laugh lines and wrinkles by boosting your body’s natural ability to produce collagen.

- The other very effective ingredient that will improve the texture of your skin is green tea. Green tea is known the world over for its ability to boost the quality of skin thanks to its potent antioxidant properties.

- By the same token, you need to make a major lifestyle change especially on what you eat. Alcoholic drinks, caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks will do more harm than good on your skin. You are better off taking as much water as possible as it will not only improve the radiance of your skin, it will also help flush out harmful toxins from your body thus leaving you with an overall healthy body.

Creams that help improve the texture of your skin
- Revitol – this is an ointment made up of herbal extracts and which has proven very effective in improving one’s complexion. It contains ingredients such as Vitamin A, shea Butter, grapefruit extracts, primrose oil and Z whitener.

- Glow skin is second in line, a product that has proven effective in reducing skin discolorations and making dark spots less visible in as little as 3 weeks of use. The main ingredients include Alpha-Arbutin, Kojic acid, lemon extract, Vitamin A palmitate, aloe vera, willow bark extract, and hemp oil.

- Meladerm – last but not least is another very effective cream which has proven effective in getting rid of the common dermatological problems such as freckles, dark spots, melasma, etc in as little of 2 weeks of use. It contains licorice extract, kojic acid, emblica powder, lemon juice extract. Alpha-Arbutin, lactic acid, and mulberry extract.

With that being said, if you are tired of trying one cream and ointment after another without tangible success, you can improve your skin texture naturally by eating well, something that will not only impact positively on your skin but also on your overall health. If you couple that with any of the abovementioned creams, you can be guaranteed of great results.

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