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Otherwise referred to as the Vaginal Dam, the dental dam is one tool that is gaining so much in popularity because of its proven efficacy in facilitating safe oral sex. It is squared thin latex, approximately 6 inches in size which functions as a barrier between the mouth and the vagina when having oral sex. Dental dam is readily available in pharmacy chains and drug stores locally, and has proven very effective in preventing infections from potentially harmful anal or vaginal secretions.

It functions by way of preventing the change of fluids form the mouth to the vagina or vice versa, fluids which can transmit infections. It is used by being worn and stretched diagonally on the vagina so no exchange of body fluid should take place. This tool is very user-friendly in that you first get to rinse it off well so you can get rid of the talk and then dry it completely using a clean piece of cloth or towel, allowing it to air dry from sometime. Note that the talk on your dental dam isn’t supposed to get into the vagina. Once it is try, you should stretch it across the vagina or across the anus as is the case.

The initial versions of the dental dam were such that one partner was supposed to hold on the dams so it doesn’t come off while at it. Today however, thanks to advancement in technology, there is a great alternative where you will find some of these dams made using strips so as to keep it intact and ensure both partners enjoy their sexual act. Be advised that the dental dam isn’t lubricated hence it is advisable you use a water-based lubricant inside the vagina to make the sex enjoyable.

Precautions of use
First and foremost, you are advised not to use the same dental dam again meaning if you are doing oral vaginal or oral anal intercourse you should invest in two different dams so you can avoid transmitting infections from the anus to the vagina or vice versa.

Just how effective or ineffective thereof is the dental dam?
Many people are of the opinion that by using a layer of latex over the vagina or anus the normal stimulation that the tongue causes will reduce. Well truth is the feeling of the tongue on the sheath will be very different from that on the unsheathed vagina or anus. However, it doesn’t in any way affect the stimulation or enjoyment of sex. Be advised though that if you want to really enjoy stimulation, you should use lots of water-based lubrication with the latex on the mouth.

But when all is said and done, using a dental dam is the sole discretion and choice of an individual. Depending on you and your partner, you should decide on the level of protection that you want but just like condoms to protect STDs, dental dams are always recommended to protect against possible infections from anal and vaginal secretions.

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