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Apparently, the coconut tree of life has more on offer than what many people expect of it. In addition to the common aesthetic, culinary, shelter, environmental, and livelihood benefits, if the current statistics are anything to go by, the coconut tree has many more countless benefits than many people care to think. Its new offshoot, the Virgin Coconut Oil, today happens to be the newest craze in the health and fitness industry, especially among weight watchers.

Even though the usefulness of the coconut tree has been recognized since time immemorial, and perhaps each and every part of a coconut tree has very many beneficial health applications, most people today find its newest potential incredibly and implausibly amazing, no wonder the tree has earned itself so much respect and worth than it has ever held.

As mentioned, the tree itself, its products, and its by-products all have limitless applications. The trunk is used to provide the much needed basic shelter to very many people in different parts of the world, and is also used to make foot bridges and beautiful furniture for home use. The leaves are used to produce amazing art work in the form of baskets, superior quality paper, home decorative items etc.

The leaves are also used as roofing thatches. As for the coir, it is known as one of the few materials that make the most beautiful mats in the world and the strongest of ropes. Coconut shells are a great unrivaled source of fuel. Simply put, a coconut tree is living up to its promise and name since no single part goes to any waste.

When it comes to the white ‘meat’ of a coconut, its applications are endless. For one, it is edible. Secondly, it is very scrumptious hence has found its way as a major ingredient in world leading desserts and meals. The oil extracted from the coconut oil, when dried, has equally several notable applications. This oil has been a great ingredient for different cosmetic soaps, aromatic mixtures, among many other beauty products. The oil is also used in the kitchen for cooking, which, unlike other commercially produced oils, it is all natural, safe, and very affordable. Finally the roots of a coconut oil have amazing medicinal properties which have been in use since time immemorial.

The latest derivative, the light-tasting aromatic Virgin Coconut oil, is extensively recognized for its amazing medicinal healing properties. It contains lauric acid, a chain of fatty acids that has proven effective in neutralizing the potency of disease causing bacteria and viruses’ responsible for herpes simplex, measles, e.coli, influenza, salmonella among other organisms that cause yeast and fungal infections. It has also been proven to effectively combat STD-causing bacteria, including some stubborn HIV strains.

The potency of the Virgin Coconut oil can only be compared to that of a mother’s milk as it is known to boost one’s immune system. Today, this oil is available in different amazing varieties and flavors which are sold in different parts of this world. In its manufacturing stage, this oil is extracted by cold-compressing freshly harvested coconut meat. It is then processed in its natural state in order to keep its natural antioxidant properties.

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