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Today, a high protein diet is being adopted by many, as eating proteins is beneficial for all even for those who wish to reach an ideal weight, be it weight gain or weight loss. Proteins are essential for everyone and regardless of whether one is trying to lose fat with weight loss or gain weight, increasing muscle; it is a win-win situation, as the perfect solution for combating any of these problems. Certain changes will have to be incorporated in the diet for it to be truly effective to reach the targeted goal. Let us closely examine why a high-protein diet is required for all and how to use it most effectively so that a person benefits in reaching their goals.

To Build Muscle
Everybody requires good proteins in sufficient amounts. Since a protein-enriched diet helps to build muscles, it is essential for the body to get the right protein to build and maintain muscle, if they wish to get bigger muscles or increase their existing weight. A lack of protein will result in decreased muscle mass. Muscles continuously break down during exercising and therefore, when one is working out with weights or training it is necessary to consume enough protein to help the body grow ideally.

To Lose Fat
Normally, when a person talks about losing weight, he/she actually wishes to shed some fat. It is important not to lose muscle, while doing this, so one should include protein-enriched foods. At this juncture, it is important to understand that when one consumes foods high in protein; they are actually eating foods that contain less calories, carbs and unhealthy fats that one should anyway avoid in their diet. It also provides bulk and fills up the system. You tend to profit by eating foods high in protein as they work wonders for the system.

High Protein Foods
Basic foods that can be classified under this section are Turkey, Chicken, Fish, (such as shrimp, salmon, tuna etc.) lean Meats and Beef, Beans, Eggs and Egg Whites, Milk, Nuts and supplements found in shakes, bars, powders etc. There are many other protein enriched foods available that one can take to achieve the same results.

Quantity to be consumed daily
This is something that everyone should know in order to consume the right amount. For adults who keep good health, one gram of protein per pound of body weight is ideally recommended. For instance, if a person weighs 160 lbs, then it is essential that he consumes at least 160 lbs. of protein daily. It does not matter if the person is exercising or not. My personal consumption of protein per day is slightly more than 1 gram per pound and will work for people who are interested in gaining more weight and building muscle. Those who are interested more in shedding a few pounds can reduce their intake to slightly less than a gram per pound. This means that one can consume up to 0.8 grams per pound daily for desired results.

Many people are dumbfounded at the idea of consuming so much protein per day. They ask themselves if their body actually requires as much as 1 gram per pound of their body weight! People are always busy and in a rush. It is impossible for them to take time off to prepare meals high in protein, such as chicken breasts or tuna preparations. It is therefore advisable to stock up on protein supplements as these are easily carried anywhere and easy to consume.

Taking the right supplements that are beneficial
Protein bars and shakes made by mixing powder with any choice of liquid are highly recommended. You can quickly consume about 36 grams of protein by mixing 2 scoops of protein powder with water or any liquid to make a shake. A protein bar contains about 30 grams has fewer calories and is easy for carrying around, as they are no larger than a candy bar in size.

When is the best time to consume protein?
It is vital to know the ideal time of the day to eat foods high in protein, when one is looking for maximum benefits. Breakfast is an ideal time, as one sleeps at night and there is a long gap between meals. Eating protein at dinner time helps the body repair and recover, even when one is asleep. It is also beneficial to eat protein immediately after a good workout. These are the ideal times to replenish the body with high protein foods for maximum gain.

Ideally, one should end up eating the right amount of high protein foods in a day. Try eating some high protein foods with every meal to suppress hunger pangs and let the body continue to build and repair every day to help maintain the ideal weight

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