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The popularity of sunless tanning is increasing these days because of the following two facts: its healthy benefits and becoming a part of fashion. Since many individuals simply do not inhabit areas with sufficient sunlight, and on the other hand, most of them cannot afford costly holidays to the sunny beaches, they prefer another alternative to make their appearance look great. All of us know the negative aspects of exposing to the direct sunshine: risk of skin cancer, aging of the skin, which may leave an impression for older age than the actual and the appearance of skin allergies in people with too sensitive skin. People applying sunless tanning avoid all these side effects and simultaneously rip benefits of their bronze skin.

You can take advantage of some of the following most popular methods of sunless tanning:
• Applying a special lotion for Sunless Tanning
The most of these lotions contain the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or colourless sugar, which ingredient is responsible for the bronze color. It influence upon dead cells of the skin to produce the desired change in the skin color. After the fist application, the color change will generally remain for approximately a week. The difficult part in this method is the challenge to receive an evenly spread tan.

• Applying a special spray for Sunless Tanning
This is very similar to the previous method with the only difference that the solution applied in this case is a spray. There are two options of how to apply the canning spray – manually and automatically. The automatic technique in tanning booth is applied for even tan. Otherwise, you can use a spray gun to make the procedure manually. Another preferred innovation in this field is colourless tanning, which practically doesn’t contain a bronzer ingredient and is even more effective than tanning booth.

• Using a sunbed for Sunless Tanning
The main principle that makes the usage of so-called sunbeds efficient in the sunless tanning process is the effect of fluorescent tubes, which emit the UV rays. This method comes most closer to the natural sun bathing as the radiation used in these tubes is basically of the same type. They are actually very effective, but likewise the effect of frequent sun exposure, the side effects of regular use of this method may lead to skin aging and even skin cancer.

• Using special pills for Sunless Tanning
There are 3 options to choose from: caretenoid pills, tyrosine pills and pills without any active ingredient. Taking the last two may not lead to desired results, as they are still not proved to have any effect upon skin. On the other hand, caretenoid pills may really change your skin color with the pigment they contain, but tan may look too unnatural and uneven, mostly concentrated in the fatty parts of your body.

Most effective and safe method of sunless tanning is by applying a spray, or as an alternative – a tanning lotion. You may need to make some research and even experimentation to find which of the available on the market tanning products best suits your type of skin and needs.

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