25 Feb

Hair Removal

Posted by: Georgi 

The irony of life is that hair tends to grow where it is not wanted and disappear where it is much wanted. It has proven a challenge to many to retain hair on the head while curb the growth of hair in other parts of the body such as the back, chest, legs etc. many people have spent a lot of time and money in search of hair removal products that work but very few have proven as effective as natural hair removal products and techniques.

One old favorite way of removing hair is by drinking nettle tea. Well this could be effective yes but how does the nettle tea actually tell apart hair on your head and that on the unwanted body part such as the neck or chest or back? Well that is the million dollar question in many people’s mind. The other alternative would be to apply honey on the body parts you want to remove hair but how on earth are you going to withstand the stickiness of honey? Plus the fact that honey isn’t a very effective hair removal remedy, not to mention the fact that it can be very painful to clean it up.

You might want to opt for natural hair removal products which have proven very effective in removing unwanted products. You see these products use the all-time favorite of many herbal remedies such as tea tree and/or aloe Vera in the creams to ensure all unwanted hair is removed in the safest and fastest way possible. The presence of tea tree in any hair removal cream is a great addition seeing as it is that the ingredient is a natural antibacterial meaning it will keep all infections at bay. Needless to mention, tea tree is known for its strong ability to sooth the skin.

The other good thing about hair removal products such as creams is that they are very easy and simple to use. The process basically involves applying the cream on the intended area, allowing it to work for 10-15 minutes and then washing it off or wiping it off. Some of these products come with a spatula which you use to get rid of remnant hair to ensure no unwanted hair is left in patches in your body.

The good thing about natural hair removal products is that they will rarely cause damage to your skin. Contrary, they are meant to nourish and replenish the skin in the process of getting rid of unwanted hair making the skin more elastic and supple. Skin tends to dehydrate with time but by using natural skin removal products, you can significantly be able to prevent skin dehydration meaning in the process of getting rid of unwanted body hair you will be rejuvenating your skin.

You might opt to wax or shave off unwanted hair, but you should be ready for the risks involved. Any of these methods of removing unwanted hair leave undesirable effects in that the skin can become bumpy or turn red and more often than not you may suffer from in-growing hair. Needless to mention, unless you have suffered from in-growing hair, you cannot understand the pain that this serious medical condition has.

Today, there are even natural ways of removing genital hair, which is becoming a widely accepted practice by people of both sexes today. There are beauty clinics and salons today that deal specifically with offering custom hair removal over the genitalia. This is such a delicate part of the human body as the skin is very sensitive and soft hence needs to be treated with the sensitivity that it deserves. Using hash skin hair removal products or other unprofessional hair removal techniques can lead to skin complications such as razor bumps, ingrown hair, sore skin, blood spots etc.

Hair removal over the pubic region has very limited options and you will rarely find common methods of hair removal such as sugaring, depilatory creams, and laser procedures being applied on such areas. Effective way to remove public hair include waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and hair pulling, although they need to be done with lots of care. Pubic hair shaving using an electrical or traditional razor blade is one of the commonest practices of getting rid of pubic hair. However, you need to exercise utmost care and use only safety razors designed for this exercise is otherwise you might end up causing more harm than good in this very delicate and special part of the human body.

While electric razors tend to come at a higher price, you can rest assured they are the best when it comes to safety. Either way, you are advised not to use a razor on the same spot twice and you are also advised to avoid the use of shaving creams. Problem is, continuous shaving (which must be done every other day) can make the skin darken. The best option could be to go for electrolysis which offers permanent pubic hair removal.

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