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It is a fact that men are more focused when it comes to paying attention to diets. However, there are quite a few who find it difficult to stay on a continuous diet regime. We list below some useful tips that can help men to do this easily:

Make health the mainstay of your focus

It becomes easier to motivate oneself by saying: I will eat better, so that I enjoy a better quality of life. Try to focus on this and not the amount of calories that you need. You may be energized to do this, if you think of the amount of money you can save with less health insurance payments. Statistics reveal that an average American experiences at least a decade of bad health, even though he lives up to a reasonable age after he crosses 40. The ill effects of weight gain therefore cannot be undermined if one wants to lead a healthier life as one advance in years.

Choose a healthy diet plan that works for you

Everybody requires a particular diet-plan, as there is no “one-size-suits all” diet plan available. You do not benefit by avoiding your favorite foods. Instead, a controlled calorie diet, which ranges from 1800 to 2000 calories a day, will help you. Ensure that your diet includes the right nutritional values allowing for an occasional treat to boost your morale. Get a nutritionist to chalk out a diet for you or try to formulate a good plan for yourself.

Be cautious when Eating Out

You need to be extra cautious when planning to eat out or ordering in some food.

a) Choose light meals and avoid foods that are deep-fried.

b) Opt for appetizers that have low caloric values, such as fresh salads, light soups or a fish platter.

c) Choose steamed fish, pasta that has a tomato sauce rather than cream and a steak that is lean and broiled.

d) The vegetables that you order should contain minimum oil or butter.

e) Learn to say “No” to cream and opt for fruits for dessert.

If you find any or these entire choices difficult refrain from dining out till such time you are able to make these healthy choices.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages

Most men who suffer from obesity find it difficult to avoid alcohol. Take a look at some of these facts before you choose your next drink:

Alcohol does not give you any nutritive value, whatsoever. In addition, you consume unwanted heavy calories, which equal to about 7 calories per gram. By drinking two Martinis a day you end up consuming,nearly 117,000 calories in a year, which is equal to gaining nearly 33 pounds of body fat. This is the same, if you drink two glasses of beer every day. Nearly all of this weight gain settles as belly fat. If one gives up alcohol, there is an immediate reduction in the size of the stomach. The heart and metabolic rate overall sees an immediate change for the better.

You can reduce weight when Stress Levels Decrease

Learn to cope with stress as you can experience a better lifestyle when your worries are reduced. Financial and social pressures can play havoc in a man’s life. Once a man crosses forty, he cannot handle stress effectively. He ends up binging, drinking excessively and these results in contraction of diseases, which is not good at that age. The hormone Cortisol is activated and increased production of this hormone leads to belly fate, which in turn can give rise to heart attacks. Try handling a less stressful job, exercise and try maintaining a controlled weight. One can relieve stress by devoting more time to the family. After all, health is more important than money or career.

Improving Weight and Health with Exercise

It is sometimes difficult for men to incorporate daily physical exercise in the tight schedules. One out of every two American men refrains from any type of physical activity according to studies carried out. This is bad news in the medical field. Exercising is the best way to avoid diseases attacking our system and also ensuring that we improve the quality of our lives.

This gives rise to the perfect Catch-22 situation. A man works very hard to provide for his family. He spends time working rather than worrying about his health and exercising. He ends up contracting a major disease, because he does not take care of himself. He incurs heavier insurance bills and ends up retiring early due to ill health.

The best way to overcome obesity is to go for a general-check and consult your doctor. Given that your condition is fairly good, start walking for at least half an hour every day. After about 2-3 weeks, increase the tempo of your exercise from light to moderate for about 45 minutes a day. You notice that your appetite has improved and you are breathing, eating and sleeping well. Begin each exercise with warm up stretches so that you do not overstrain any muscle in your body.

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