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We are all aware that fat generally stores in the butt & thighs of women when they begin to put on weight. Women eternally need to be reminded on how to tackle this problem.

1. Ensure you get proper nutrition
You need to eat properly to work off that fat. This is more important than performing endless squats, cardio exercises or squeezes those thighs by following Suzanne Summer’s “Thigh Blaster.” Cellulite cream may or may not do the drink.

At the expense of repeating myself, you need to understand that you should:
- Drink ounces of water that measures at least half of your bodyweight.

- Eat small meals every 3 hours daily

- Avoid sugar, sugar free foods that contain high doses of sucralose and fructose corn syrup.

- Eat more complex carbohydrates food which digests slowly such as sweet potatoes, multi-grain breads, oatmeal and vegetables.

- Use fiber supplements if necessary but ensure you get at least 25-30 grams daily.

- Avoid fried foods and stick to lean protein sources which include turkey, chicken fish, egg whites and lean beef.

- Cut out Trans fatty foods and saturated fats.

- Substitute with healthy fats found in essential fatty acids to help reduce weight.

2. Get rid of the weighing scale
The weighing scale does not give you the right picture of how you look and feel with a big butt or if you are losing any body fat. This may make you want to give up dieting or exercising ever again! Restrict your weight taking to when you visit the doctor’s office. I insist that is essential to trying to “get that nice butt back fat. Cardio exercises are basically not aimed at the muscles on the lower part of the body.

3. Cardio exercises do not work on the butt

Working out endless with cardio exercises will not help you tone your butt. Neither will you be able to hide that fat that makes your rear protrude similar to the way Lake Mead does on Hoover Dam. You may end up losing muscle tissue on the butt but this would only end up making the area sag with soft flab and prevent the body from burning overall.

Instead of walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill or working on the elliptical with the same speed and resistance, it is advisable to start with 15 minutes of cardio interval-training and slowly go up to about 25 minutes. Sweating profusely and falling short of breath for nearly 5 minutes after completing the workout proves that you have worked out properly. Get into an exercise routing with interval-training cardio at least thrice or four days a week.

4. Weight Training should be given priority
Most people associate weight training with “getting big or thick.” This is a myth. You burn more calories with the right weight training than you would with cardio. You burn up more calories when you weight train which continues to work on the body for nearly 38 hours afterwards. You cannot burn that much with cardio exercises which helps you knock off extra calories only when you actually work out.

Get a personal trainer to help you figure out how to use the machines. Take advantage of clubs that offer free training sessions when you sign up for membership. You could do better by hiring a professional and telling them what parts of your body you wish to concentrate on.

Now that you are aware that weight training will be advantageous to tighten that butt, here is a sample of a routine you can follow as a beginner.

Follow this routine two days of the week ensuring that you do not do them on 2 consecutive days. Ideally you could settle for Mondays and Thursdays. First warm up and then perform the five exercises without taking too long breaks between each and then rest for 2 minutes before beginning the set again. The routine should gradually increase from one set to two the following week and increase to three and four times in the following weeks. After the fourth week, you may need to switch up the routine. Practise the following with reps:
Tube Walk minimum 15 ft, down and back

Do 10 to 12 reps of Bench Step-ups first with 1 leg then the other. Add dumbbells (10 lbs.) to make it difficult.

Do 10-15 reps of Stability ball hamstring curls

Follow this with 15-20 reps of Wide Stance squats

Repeat 10 -12 alternate lunges per leg

Finally do 10-12 reps per leg of Lateral lunges

You may find it difficult to do the reps as above. Let this not discourage you. You will be able to improve as the day’s progress. Be consistent for the first four weeks and feel good when you notice your butt begin.

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