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Beauty products and anti aging skincare products are available in plenty and some women have all the luck with being able to purchase an endless supply of these products. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford purchasing ultra-expensive packages that contain ingredients such as gold flakes and caviar, sold in beautiful velvet boxes with special matching spatulas and spoons to squeeze out the expensive contents.

One does not have to spend a bomb to have beautiful skin. One can pick up several creams that are sold in the market and keep wrinkles at bay. They can have beautiful skin without having to mortgage their house for a second time just to be able to pay for them. Make sure you do not fall into the trap of believing these myths that will only make you spend far more than necessary, when you wish to have beautiful skin.

1. There is no need to use cleanser since one does not use make-up. This would probably make sense, if one lived in a bubble that is airtight on a far away mountaintop. This is definitely a myth. Your skin gathers grime and dirt with the dust particles in the air, whether you live in a busy city or in the countryside. When you perspire, dust and dirt settles on your face, it is imperative to remove this, and the dead cells that form on the face every night before getting into bed.

2. There is no need, to use a sunscreen, if one is not exposed to the sun. This is a myth that one should never entertain at any cost! The reason why our skin begins to age extrinsically is because of what the sun’s rays do to the skin. Your skin continues to burn as well as age even on cloudy days. The UVA and UVB rays penetrate windows in your office, car or house and affect the skin. Therefore, it is very important to use sunscreen religiously during the day, as you would say brush your teeth or wear your undergarments. You could not think of leaving the house without doing this, would you?

3. It is possible to use one moisturizer for day as well as night. Yes, you could do this in most cases. It would depend on the type of moisturizer that you were using. If your skin needs to be hydrated often, you could perhaps use the same hydrating lotion both times. However, during the day your skin needs to be protected with a sunscreen, which you cannot use at night. If you had to use certain creams to prevent wrinkles, improve the texture of your skin or make dark spots lighter, you would need to use particular formulas to deal with the targeted skin problems. Night creams are essential to soothe and repair skin damage especially when one is asleep.

We need to take special care of our skin, as it requires a lot of pampering to be able to look one’s best. Your efforts pay dividends year after year and not all the money in the bank can prevent your skin from aging and yet glowing and beautiful.

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