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A fad diet can be described as any type of diet that is based on its popularity without any scientific backing. Fad diets are a common American custom. They are very restrictive in nature so while they can offer short-term satisfactory weight loss results, they are never advisable for the long term especially because they can lead to very many health complications in the future. Thus, if you are thinking about losing some weight, you might want to carefully consider the pros and cons of a diet in question before committing yourself to it. Here is a summary of the most popular fad diets today.

The Cabbage Soup Diet
As the name would suggest, in this diet, you make a cabbage soup brew made up of broth, celery, onions, lots of cabbage among other acceptable vegetables. It is advised that you take nothing but the soup for as many days as you can, and then start to introduce tiny amounts of solid foods gradually.

The Famous Atkins Diet
This diet gained in popularity immediately Dr. Atkins released the famous Atkins Diet Book for publication, and it became even more famous back in 2001 as a rapid and easy way to melt off unwanted pounds quickly without having to work extra hard or sacrifice a lot. The Atkins diet recommends eating anything and everything that is pure proteins. The foods recommended include bacon, cheese, eggs, turkey, snacks such as pork rinds, beef, and such like similar foods. The Atkins diet attracted lots of criticism from different fronts because of its unbalanced and extreme nature, and the fact that it concentrates on foods rich in cholesterol and fats, with little fiber and most of the time very little or no nutritional value at all.

The All You Can Eat for Seven Days Diet
In this diet, you are allowed to choose a single food group to concentrate on for a period of seven days, each day with its own food group. You are allowed to eat as much as you can contain as long as it is within the same food group for each of the seven days. This means that one day you can only concentrate on fruits, another on chicken, another on vegetables etc. This diet has minimal restrictions when it comes to what to eat and what not to eat.

The Snickers Diet
This fad diet advocates eating only snickers candy bars, which can be coupled with water or coffee only. While it is not very clear how many of these snickers bar you are permitted to eat in a day, as is with other fad diets, you might succeed losing the pounds yes, but you will end up compromising on your health, the health of your skin, and your mental health stability in the process.

There are many other fad diets in the market, but the above mentioned are the most outrageous and crazy of them all. Fad diets are simply a quick fix to rapid weight loss, hence should be used with lots of caution. Rest assured that most of these fad diets will actually cause uncontrollable weight gain as they are always based on deprivation. So, you ought to tread carefully with these.

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