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Skin care is more of an art that needs to be learned and mastered, just like any other form of art today. The good news however is that in skin care, all you really need is to master the basic skin care tips and all else will fall into place. Even so, you should always keep in mind that there is no magic that will make your pimples and spots disappear overnight, there is no magic that will turn back the hands of time and give you back the flawless skin that you once enjoyed during your youth. However, there is some magic in which you can rejuvenate and revitalize your skin so you could bring it to its healthful state – and that is through basic skin care.

Cosmetologists, dermatologists, and beauticians the world over agree on one simple fact, that basic skin care is the only guaranteed way of delaying the ageing process, and avoiding many skin related health complications such as acne breakouts. This basic skin care routine entails cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin on a daily basis. The skin has some natural ability of self-regeneration, but only when well cared for.

1. Cleansing
If you could take a look at your un-cleaned skin via a magnifying glass, you will see the need to properly cleanse your skin. Skin that is not cleansed is always covered in stale sweat, a coat of dirt, stale make-up, oil deposits among other skin pollutants – all which are strong skin irritants. Regardless of your skin type or skin texture, a thorough regular cleansing is mandatory because dirt will not only interfere with the normal skin balance, but will also interfere with its natural abilities and functions.

2. Toning
Skin toning is another mandatory step for any type of skin, and should come immediately after you are done with a thorough cleansing routine. Toning helps in refreshing and revivifying the skin. A great way to tone your skin is to soak cotton wool pads in a skin tonic and then put in the fridge, once you are done cleansing, take the cotton balls and wipe your skin efficiently. This way, you will stimulate blood circulation to all areas, after which should be followed by gentle stroking movements.

3. Moisturizing
Undoubtedly, the most critical part of basic skin care is moisturizing using a good quality moisturizing lotion. You simply dot the lotion and then massage using your fingertips with light strokes of upward movement. Moisturizing leaves a protective coat on the skin, thus allowing the make-up to be easily absorbed. Moisturizing also helps strike balanced moisture content in the face.

4. Nourishing
The last part of a basic skin care routine is nourishing, i.e. supplying your skin with emollients to help increase its moisture retention ability. The best nourishment cream is the one that contains Vitamin A, a very important ingredient to the skin as it helps maintain its elasticity. Vitamin E is another important ingredient that you should look out for in a nourishing cream worth its name.

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