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The stage of adolescence is an interesting one when a child breaks into their teens and begins experiencing what life is all about. One bursts with vitality in their youth. However, problems such as dealing with acne can affect a teenager so much that they may begin to isolate themselves from others or go into depression. Acne can affect anyone from the time they break into their teens due to hormonal changes in their body, right up to the time they cross the age of thirty.

The scars, caused by acne, can mar the smooth complexion of a fair person and look unsightly. However, these scars can be reduced till they nearly vanish with skin laser treatments. A teenager begins to regain their confidence and get over feelings of anxiety and discomfort, as their skin begins to look young and clears up.

What is the meaning of laser therapy and how does it work to treat acne? It is normal to feel reluctant about having someone point laser beams on the sensitive and visible portions of the skin. There is no need to fear in this regard, as the procedure involved is quite safe. What the dermatologist does is use a hand-held laser device that is almost the size of a ballpoint pen to blast the scar by directing the laser into the skin. This procedure does not take long and a person recovers from it within a couple of hours. Your dermatologist will be the best person to guide you as to the right treatment that suits the complexion.

Doctors have their own preference for dealing with acne using laser treatment. The dermatologist will be able to suggest the best procedure depending on the severity of the case and other pertinent factors. This breakthrough in medical science for clearing acne has helped many people recover from the lasting effects of this dreaded problem.

Smoothbeam Laser
The patient is given local anesthetic before the treatment begins. Since the cryogen spray used is cooling, it feels comfortable when the laser treatment starts.
The advantage of using Smoothbeam laser treatment is that there is no lasting redness, immediately after the treatment. In fact, this disappears quite soon and the skin begins to feel refreshed, smooth and normal again.

Fraxel Laser
Scar removal using the Fraxel Laser method is the latest method in the laser treatment range. The old pigmented cells found on the top layer of the skin are targeted. The surrounding skin does not get affected, as the method used is very precise and touches only the affected pigmented area.

Vbeam Laser
This treatment is used to deal with all types of acne scars. Most scars are raised, flat or depressed. Vbeam laser method deals directly targets the blood vessels to work on red scars mainly, so that the visibility is lessened.

Let the dermatologist decide on the best laser treatment for removing your acne scars. Your priority should be the cost factor and the effectiveness of the treatment. This type of laser treatment costs much more than if one was to try dermabrasion or any other method. However, the result is worth it. The results are definitely more effective with laser than with any other scar removal options.

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