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Skirting around boosting Metabolism

Weight watchers regard the issue of raised metabolism with awe. Each body varies in their metabolic rate, as this determines the rate, in which the body burns the calories. Men burn more calories than women do even as they rest. The general slowing down of the metabolism begins when a person crosses the age of 40. Learn the 10 different ways you can boost your metabolism, even though you cannot ignore salient factors, such as your genes, age or gender.

1. Increase Muscle Power: Our bodies continuously burn calories. However, the normal metabolic rate is much higher in people who develop muscles. One pound of muscle burns as much as 6 calories in a day, while one pound of fat burns 2 calories. This difference can build up over a period. It has been noted that the daily metabolic rate increases, if you are into resistance training and develop muscles regularly.

2. Increase the intensity of the workout: It is possible to raise the metabolic rate when a person does aerobics, even though no muscle gain occurs. It is therefore in your interest to work out with higher intensity, so that you are able to increase metabolism. Try to jog for a few minutes when you go for walks.

3. Drink plenty of water: Calories are processed when a person consumes water. Fewer fluids in the body slow down metabolism. Studies reveal that people, who drink about eight or more glasses tend to burn more calories, than those who drink about half that amount. If a glass of water or unsweetened beverage is consumed before a snack or meal, it helps to remain hydrated. Refrain from binging on chips or pretzels and munch on vegetables and fruits instead.

4. Drink Liquids on the Rocks: Studies reveal that beverages that are ice-cold, actually burn more calories during the digestive process. It is possible to burn nearly 10 more calories by drinking about five to six glasses of water with ice in it. Though this seems a small amount, the cumulative total would be a weight loss of nearly a pound in one year. Iced tea and coffee can also be drunk, as long as one forfeits the sugar and cream.

5. Eating at Regular Intervals: This proves to be more advantageous than gorging on huge meals and letting hours lapse between each. To prevent the metabolism from slowing down, consume small amounts of food every three to four hours. This ensures that calories are being burned surely and steadily. The other advantage is that less food is consumed.

6. Add spice to perk up those meals: It is possible to spike metabolism by adding spice to foods, as they contain certain chemical compounds that work in this direction. Increase metabolic rate by nearly 23% by eating one tablespoon of chopped chili pepper, red or green. Studies on the subject reveal that the results may last for about 30 minutes, so it is advisable to do this more often. Add some red-pepper flakes to the pasta, stew or any dish.

7. Eat protein-enriched foods: the body, when ingesting protein as against carbohydrates or fat burns more than double the amount of calories up. Kick-start your metabolic rate by replacing carbs with foods rich in protein in your otherwise balanced diet. You get your daily fix of protein from fish, chicken, lean beef, port, nuts, tofu, beans, eggs and dairy products, which are low in fat.

8. Black Coffee over White: Most people drink coffee in the mornings to benefit for increased energy and concentration levels. A cup of coffee increases the metabolic rate, though the effect is not long lasting. One of the studies indicated that a woman weighing 125 pounds was able to burn off 50 extra calories by drinking two cups of coffee in four hours. Avoid flavored sweeteners or cream for best results.

9. The Virtues of drinking Green Tea: Certain substances, such as catechins and caffeine, are also present in green or oolong tea and these kick up the metabolism for about 2 hours when consumed. There are facts to prove that one can burn an additional 50 calories by drinking about two to four cups of any of these teas, allowing one to lose at least 5 additional pounds in the year.

10. Crash Diets should be avoided at all Costs: These do not quicken metabolism, especially if the diet involves consuming less than 1,000 calories a day. Decreased muscle mass may help to lose a few pounds with diet, but at the cost of less nutrition and developing a lower metabolic rate. You end up gaining weight more quickly and your body begins to burn far lesser calories with this new diet.

Take the Right Precautions: The bottom line is that you need to shed those pounds. Consuming various foods and drinks affects the metabolism in the body. Under the circumstances, the right thing to do is to begin building muscle to remain active. Moving around when one is awake helps to burn those calories. Rev up your metabolism by working out every morning.

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