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Recent research, conducted at Boston University School of Medicine, indicates that some people find it almost impossible to lose weight and liken this to trying to give up drugs or alcohol completely. What should one do to stop eating compulsively?

Scientists continue to remain fascinated with the subject of overeating. This could be due to the way eating different types of food has evolved over the ages. We are now flooded with an abundance of nutritional values, yet the rate at which people develop diabetes and heart problems are increasing, as also the problem of people becoming grossly overweight and obese.

Studies are being conducted to detect ways of shedding those extra pounds or trying to analyze why there is a problem with trying to lose weight. A study was done on 155 rats, which were put on a normal diet for five days and then given high sugared foods with chocolate flavoring for the next two days. Naturally, the rats latched on to the latter diet and refused to eat any more dietic food. Rather, they began to show signs of anxiousness when they were not given this rich food.
Does this ring a bell? The rats overate, when they were put back on the junk food diet though they began to lose their anxiety and behaved normally again. Studies indicated that the rats suffered similar withdrawal symptoms, when humans were taken off alcohol or drugs. There are no theories to support the fact that rat brains work the same way, as human brains.

Study author, Pietro Cottone, with other researchers have concluded that the results indicate that there could be a connection between Yoyo dieting and periodical swings when people experience withdrawal symptoms, as they try to refrain from taking drugs or alcohol. Studies further indicate that these researchers are of the opinion that eating disorders including obesity are chronic condition, where there are periodic bouts when people abstain from eating forbidden foods, such as sugar and fats and then binge uncontrollably on these high calories compulsively.

A person, who tries to stay away from junk food, finds it very difficult to give it up altogether and reverts with a vengeance when he cannot hold out anymore. A solution has been found, which may help people in this condition. They worked on the rats and found that it worked, when they added a stress component to the brains of the rats.

There is hope with the recent findings, though the treatment is not very conclusive. However, they are working on finding new solutions where they try not to blame the problem on the patient or allow the overweight person to play the blame game. The condition is likened to a drug addict, trying to give up drugs and blames his lack of willpower when he finds it impossible to kick the habit.

Try and gather help and support from friends to give up this habit of yoyo dieting so that you can control your habit and try to keep good health.

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