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Are you looking to dress slim and feel good about yourself? Here are suggestions on how you can accentuate your best body features and reduce exposure on your not-so-good features depending on your body shape.

Rectangle Shape
A rectangle body shape has no general definition really, so if you fall under this category, your task would be creating beautiful curves. How?

- First and foremost, you should properly define your bust area; ensure you have the correct bra size.

- A great way to create curves is by using sweetheart necklines

- Never be afraid to accentuate your waist. You could start by putting on a large belt on your natural waistline; the best is a belt that pushes over your waist. Alternatively, a wrap shirt which ties on one side will also do wonders in accentuating your beautiful rectangle shape.

- You are at liberty to add some little sparkle here. Go for pants that will flatter your thighs and hips and then flow freely from the knee downwards creating beautiful curves. Not so many people however will be comfortable with the flare pants, but boot cut pants and straight leg pants will do the trick for them.

- By all means you should avoid putting on tapered pants. Why? Because they tend to create curves in areas where you wouldn’t really want to have them in the first place.

Apple Shape
People who are apple shaped will mostly have a large but less-defined mid-section. The secret therefore to dressing an apple shape is to divert all attention from the mid-section. How?

- You will never go wrong with the empire waist line look as it tends to accentuate the tiniest part of your midsection, slightly under your bust

- Having on a V-neck will capture one’s attention upwards so diverting much attention from the midsection. Further, it will make you appear leaner and taller

- During cold weather, go for a beautiful scarf that will draw the attention to your face while making your neck seem longer.

- Keep in mind that apples tend to be naturally larger on the upper side so go for pants that will create a perfect symmetry between your lower and upper body parts

- Stick to boot cut or straight cut pants that will fit snugly on your waist and then flow down evenly

- Flare style type of pants are great on apples too, but you shouldn’t go too wide on them

Pear Shape
Pear shaped individuals tend to be larger on the butt, hips, and thigh area but slimmer on top.

- Draw attention to your waist by using a wrap or belt

- Opt for a wide neckline such as a scoop or boat neck to create a perfect symmetry with your lower half

- Avoid tapered pants and instead go for pants that flow evenly and easily from the hips downwards

- Go for dark colored trousers to divert attention from your thighs and hips

- To make your torso look longer, get a waistline of your pants that is slightly lower than that of your natural waist line.

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