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Recent studies indicate that it is a good idea to begin the day with breakfast but it does not necessarily have to be a huge one. The question of the amount of energy that one can get from having breakfast has been debated over the years. No conclusive evidence is available about the role of breakfast for people wanting to lose weight. Scientifically, it has not been proved whether one can lose weight by skipping breakfast.

Recently, the Nutrition Journal published by BioMed Central delved further into the subject by trying to clarify the various theories. A study was carried out by Dr. Volker Schusdziarra who works with Else-Kroner Fresenius Center of Nutrition Medicine in Munich. He conducted tests on 380 people, some of whom were obese and some normal weight. These people had to record their eating habits in a journal including writing down whether they ate breakfast or not and the portions that they consumed.
Schusdziarra was able to conclude that people did not reduce the quantities they consumed during lunch or dinner, even though they ate a hearty breakfast. One could safely surmise that breakfast would add another 400 calories to the total consumption in the day. It would perhaps make an insignificant difference, if one avoided the mid-morning snack by eating a huge breakfast. The research therefore concluded with the German doctors figuring that that the extra calories consumed at breakfast had to be balanced to incorporate the total amount required on a daily basis.

Daniela Jakubowicz, a clinical professor from Virginal Commonwealth University, created the Big Breakfast Diet, which was then published in a book titled “The Big Breakfast Diet” Eat Big before 9.a.m. and Lose Big for Life.” The book is basically about eating all foods and still being able to lose weight. Jakubowicz however informs the readers that one should finish their breakfast before 9am.

This conclusion was the result of a clinical study that was performed where a comparison was made between diets, which included a sizeable amount of carbohydrates constituting a big breakfast, as against a diet with low carbohydrates. The results proved that though those who consumed nearly 200 calories lost about 21% weight, as against those who ate fewer carbohydrates. The latter lost only about 4.5% of their total body weight. According to the doctor, gorging at breakfast will suppress hunger pangs as well as raise the metabolic rate, which in turn will help to shed pounds.

To see how this works, one should start the day with a hearty breakfast high in carbs and protein, which should be in the range of about 600 calories. It is advisable to include a slab of chocolate, so that you ensure taking something sweet daily. Apart from this, you can also eat foods such as bacon, steak and turkey for meats, fruits, vegetables and carbs including cookies and cakes.

Continuous research will be conducted to ensure that the above claims are true and can be followed by all. One has also to fathom whether a diet low in calories will be difficult for people to follow.

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