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The best way to feel energized, active and ensure longevity is to exercise the good old-fashioned way.

One cannot undermine the good effects of being physically active on a regular basis. Chronic diseases are held at bay as well as one sleeps well and sheds pounds faster. Regardless of your age, gender or abilities you benefit in every way. Let us take a look at how exercise proves beneficial in one’s life.

1. Overall Mood Improves with Exercise.
Exercise, be it in the form of a good workout or a brisk walk, can help calm a person down and help to let off steam after a hectic day at work
Weight maintenance: Ideally, one should work their way up to performing 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercises and 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercises or a combination of both every week. There is good evidence to prove that one can maintain their weight with regular physical activity. The amount of time spent on this activity differs from one person to another. Some may even require exercising more than the recommended 150 minutes moderate intensity workout prescribed to derive any benefit.

Keep the weight down: It is possible to refrain from gaining weight, if you exercise using high intensity aerobics, as well as make sure you reduce the calories you consume. Maintain a healthy diet and be physically active by exercising regularly. You can get a CDC when you visit “Healthy Diet” to get more information and suggestions on proper nutrition, exercise and weight reduction.

Regularly working out leaves you feeling relaxed and happy as this allow the chemicals in the brain to be stimulated. Your confidence and self-esteem rises, as you begin to look and feel better. You begin to feel less depressed when you undertake to carry out physical activities regularly.

Do not consider exercise as a form of drudgery. You can opt for several different activities, such as ballroom dancing, hiking trails or even a local climbing wall. You can join your children, when they go on the jungle gym or you can push them on the swings. Get involved in planning activities, such as football or kickball in the neighborhood. Get interested and look for new opportunities, as long as you continue to be physically active.

2. Exercising can prevent Chronic conditions
Exercising regularly is the answer to keeping heart conditions and osteoporosis at bay.

You can avoid getting cholesterol or high blood pressure when you exercise regularly. Your triglycerides decrease, while the “good” cholesterol or high density lipoproteins (HDL) increase in the body. There is good blood flow and you lessen the danger of plaque formation, which can clog the arteries.

The other benefits are that you can avoid certain types of cancer, Type II diabetes and osteoporosis, as well as other major diseases that can be contracted when one does not remain physically active.

3. Maintain Proper Weight with Exercise
Knock off those extra pounds by getting off that couch and walking or get involved in any kind of physical activity.

We all know that we burn calories as we exercise. The more we burn, the more weight we lose. Use different ways to burn off those extra calories. Try the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Take a walk during the lunch break. Perform a few jumping jacks during breaks in TV programs. It would prove even more effective if one could switch off the TV and go for a long walk instead. While it is great to work out with moderate to high intensity, it helps to be physically active during the day so that calories continue to burn.

4. Boost Energy levels with Physical Activity
Do not get fazed when household chores or grocery shopping tire you. Exercise regularly instead of giving up.

Your tissues get the desired oxygen and nutrition. Your entire system benefits, as the blood circulates efficiently to the heart and lungs and boosts the cardiovascular system. You are certainly at an advantage, when your heart and lungs are bursting with vitality.

Your sex life also gets a boost when you regularly exercise. You begin to look and feel better. Women, who are physically active, feel sexually aroused more quickly and men are able to prevent getting into problems with erectile dysfunction, as they advance in years.

5. Sleep Patterns Improve with Exercise
Exercise helps you to sleep well and long. You feel energized and ready to exercise when you have had a good night’s rest.

You begin to feel more productive, as your concentration improves and your mood is uplifted. After a good exercise, you get better sleep. However, you should be careful not to exercise near bedtime, as this may prevent you from falling asleep. Preferably, concentrate on exercising earlier on in the day for best results.

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