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Oral thrush is a health condition caused by a fungus known as Candida — Candida is a yeast infection that will normally attack the mouth, and is always characterized by the presence of creamy white lesions in all parts of the mouth namely the tongue, the roof of the mouth, the gums and the inner cheeks. The tonsils will also spot some white lesions that appear like cottage cheese, which tend to bleed if they are scraped or rubbed.

While oral thrush is a condition that mostly affects newborns and toddlers, it isn’t uncommon to find it in adults too. Needless to mention, oral thrush in adults can be a source of poor self-esteem as it is very uncomfortable to have and sufferers will always be self-conscious of their condition. Like all yeast infections in the mouth, oral thrush isn’t a life threatening health condition but it is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention to curb it in its onset stages so it will not spread.

The good news is that you can treat yourself off this condition right at home, thanks to some effective and time tested home remedies that have always proven very effective. Home remedies are quite affordable and will considerably enhance and accelerate the healing process instantly.

- To get rid of bacteria and yeast in the mouth, rinse your mouth using warm salty water three times a day, particularly after meals. This way, you get to remove food remnants in an effective manner.
- Natural unsweetened yoghurt has also proven to be a great home remedy for oral thrush, acting as a natural antibiotic. Drink yoghurt, retain it in the mouth for a few minutes before you swallow it, and repeat it several times a day for more effective results.
- Onions and garlic are other equally effective home remedies for oral thrush, thanks to their potent anti-bacterial properties. Try putting some raw onion and garlic while eating food. You can also try using garlic supplements if the bad ‘garlic breath’ is your concern
- If you already have the disease, you might want to try and avoid hard solid foods and replace them with soft liquid-like foods so you will not bruise your lesions and worsen their condition, making them difficult to respond to treatment positively.
- By the same token, avoid sugary food as sugar is fodder to yeast. Eating sugary foods will make the yeast multiply in the mouth and spread to unaffected areas. If you are the kind of person who cannot live without eating something sweet, you might opt for fresh fruits which are not only sweet but also rich in vitamins and nutrients, unlike taking over processed sweet products.
- Did you know that sleep also affects your oral thrush condition? Why and how? Lack of sleep leads to emotional and physical stress, great contributors of yeast infections. A normal human being deserves at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day so the body can get enough rest and become less prone stress.

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