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What could possibly be the reason that will make you go to bed with makeup on? Most probably exhaustion — It really takes a lot of discipline and much effort to follow your night time skin care routine, particularly when you are tired and exhausted, but if you want to have that youthful and radiant skin, you must wash your face every night. The top five reasons why you need to do it include:-

- Because the whole day you touch your face, sometimes intentionally but most times unintentionally, thus making your face one of the dirtiest body parts. It is advisable that you clean your face every night so you will stop the spread of bacteria that leads to acne breakouts and stuff

- Still on point, cleaning and cleansing your face each night before you go to bed will reduce the presence of clogged pores, thus the acne-causing bacteria will not thrive, and this means no breakouts for you

- The skin is such that it rejuvenates and invigorates at night, thus getting rid of makeup gives your skin a great platform for rejuvenation.

- Still on point, while sleeping, the skin too is at rest, thus skin regeneration occurs. To counter an anti-aging process, use a mild sulfate-free face cleanser such as AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel or Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel and then couple it with a high performance moisturizing lotion and serum.

- Moisturizer lotions will evaporate from your skin during the day, thus when you wash your skin and reapply moisturizer at night, you are keeping your skin hydrated and moist.

With that being said, while there is no one-size-fit all solution for everyone that will get rid of acne breakouts, before you turn in for the night, it is always advisable to wash your face thoroughly using a gentle or mild soap or skin cleanser. If you overlook this critical step, you can be ready for an oily skin full of pimples and acne, thanks to the many skin pollutants and irritants that build up on your skin all day long, thus end up clogging the skin pores.

When washing your face, what you are doing is clearing the pores thus giving your skin enough time to breathe, rejuvenate and adjust to the products or medication you could be using for acne. One quick point though, you should be careful when washing your face not to overdo it, as the skin may eventually become dry and dehydrated and instead of rejuvenating at night while you are sleeping, it will be trying to heal itself from the scratches and stuff. Note also that when you over scrub your face you will be providing the acne causing bacteria with the perfect breeding place for growth and multiplication.

With that being said, if you picture acne as an infectivity, then sleep is a state in which the body fights off the acne causing bacteria. Thus, you should never underestimate the power of a good night sleep.

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