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The testes produce an androgenic hormone that is known as Testosterone. These hormones are responsible for the sexual characteristics that manifest themselves during the time men reach adulthood from puberty. If these hormones are missing, it can result in side effects. When a man reaches middle age, his testosterone levels begin to decrease and drops to less than normal as he advances from 50 to 70 years of age. The symptoms experienced with low testosterone levels are primarily fatigue, mood swings and decrease in the sex drive.

When the hormone levels decrease, they are not able to produce the right amount of testosterone in males. This in turn, affects the male system and creates severe complications, physical and mental as well as chemical and adverse hormonal changes.

The pituitary gland and hypothalamus are the main hormones that determine the levels of testosterone in the body and the reason for decrease in the production of the important hormones in the body.

The reasons attributed are several. Many drugs give rise to adverse side effects, which are detrimental to health. Sometimes cortisone, which is an adrenal hormone, can cause malfunctioning of the testes. Most often damage to the testicles is the cause of testicular dysfunctions. The other reasons for low testosterone levels could be rare dysfunctional syndromes and fewer hormones in the system due to these congenital problems. There could be other reasons, such as alcoholism, chronic illness, trauma, starvation, aging, infections, or cancers that result in low testosterone levels.

A man can develop this symptom due to excessive smoking, drinking or leading an unhealthy sedentary life devoid of exercise and a proper diet. This can damage the glands and lower the levels of testosterone in the body dramatically. These bad habits could be kept in check if one wants to modify the situation. Psychological problems, hypertension, poor circulation and use of improper medication are also responsible factors for a man to end up with low testosterone levels.

Replacement therapy is the perfect solution for combating low testosterone levels. Tribulus Terrestris is a popular herb, which works competently to increase the male testosterone levels.

Male characteristics are generally determined by his testosterone levels. The growth of pubic hair, sperm production and even depth of vocal chords are all the direct result of the amount of this sex male hormone in the body. This testosterone is found in woman’s ovaries, but in a miniscule quantity, even though it is better known to represent the male organ. Men begin to suffer from impotence, low self-esteem, depression, lessening sex drive and reduced sex drive, including muscle loss, diabetes, cardiac and obesity related complications. When the testosterone levels drop, men especially suffer from the terrible negative effects as this hormone is responsible for almost 70% of the well-being of men. Natural as well as artificial remedies are available for treating low testosterone level problems.

Some patients are advised to go in for artificial treatment to help boost the levels of testosterone in the body. This could be delivered by way of injections, hormone replacement therapy or capsules. This normally ends up with adverse side reactions, which can be problematic. For instance, men suffer from severe mood swings, liver problems, acne, prostate cancer, sleep apnea or become sterile, due to less sperm count, when the red blood cells increases or even get heart attacks.

It is therefore advisable to treat low levels of testosterone with natural supplements, as they contain less or no side effects. We list below a few way of combating low levels of testosterone:
- Exercises, especially training with weights can help to keep the levels of testosterone normal. However, it is not advisable to exercise excessively, as it can negate the effects of producing testosterone. Perform short stretches of intensive exercises, such as pull ups, squats, bench press and dead lifts, etc. more frequently to help raise the testosterone levels.

- One should maintain a healthy diet, which incorporates enough protein to get the right response from the glucagon and anabolic hormones to help increase the testosterone levels. The patient should eat more fruits and vegetables and refrain from imbibing in foods and sugars that are loaded with carbohydrates. One can incorporate foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids that can be got from eating certain types of fish and other foods, such as flax seed or those with monounsaturated fats to raise testosterone levels.

- It is advantageous for men to get their quota of sleep and rest, which will aid in boosting low testosterone levels.

- Herbal supplements are the best and quickest way to try and raise the levels of testosterone. These can be procured in the natural or herbal supplement form. The most noted of these herbal supplements are Passion RX, TRibulus Terrestris, Rhodiola Rosacea, Catuba bark powder, Mucuna Pruriens etc. These various herbs work toward increasing the testosterone production and helping to boost their self-esteem by working on the pituitary gland. One should also ensure that they follow a strict diet and exercise well with enough time to rest and recuperate to be able to produce the right level of testosterone that their body requires.

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