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The term “Cellulitis” is commonly used today. Doctors use this name to refer to this infection occurring in the legs and one is bogged down by doubts and queries regarding this condition.

The actual meaning of Cellulite is inflammations of subcutaneous tissues and deep layers of the skin, localized in a group of cells in the body. One can see these layers only through a microscope or a CT scan. Certain type of bacteria attacks the cells, causing inflammation and damage. During an operation, the skin is cut open and the wound is exposed. A bruise could also cause the bacteria that are classified under the Staphylococcus group to invade and eat the flesh, unless one has the right defense to protect the body from this as well as the Group A Streptococcus. If the immune system is low, skin diseases and other ailments arising from the above groups can cause infection and types of skin diseases. Those who suffer from high levels of diabetes, obesity, hyperthermia and erythema, fall under the category that can come under the dangers of contracting Cellulitis.

The symptoms that cause Cellulitis are generally inflammation of the area where there is infection of the skin. The area infected is generally warm to the touch, because the Staph bacteria abound in the skin’s inner layers. Rashes occur on the outer layer in some cases. It is possible to contract high fever that often culminates in convulsions or chills with these symptoms. Children, who are prone to this infection, may suffer from damage to the lungs or brain when their fever shoots up. This condition makes people reluctant to get out of bed and refrain from any kind of activity. The inclination to eat and drink is lessened.

Doctors base their classification of Cellulitis, taking into consideration the point, where it begins and the location of the area. When there is infection in the leg, the most common result is Cellulitis developing in the extremities. The two types that infect the eyes are orbital and periorbital Cellulitis. When organs, such as the sinuses and teeth are infected, it is possible to contract the above types of cellulitis. The name of this condition “facial Cellulitis” occurs due to bacteria, Haemophilus influenza type B, (Hib) attacking the dermis of the face. Swelling and tenderness occurring in the anal area is called perianal Cellulitis. There is no danger of the patient contracting a fever or chill when they are attacked by this type of Cellulitis. However, the symptoms can spread to other areas around the back and shoulders if a woman develops breast cellulitis as a result of suffering from cancer or any type of failing immune system.

The path of the bacteria can be traced in the body. If you see red streaks that stretch out to other areas in the body, you know it is spreading through the dermis. As it sinks deeper into the skin layers, it begins to lodge itself into the facial layer or lining. This condition is severe as the bacteria can gnaw at the skin. Streptococcus is the name for flesh eating bacterial. The other name for this is “Necrotizing fasciitis.”

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