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Acne, perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of teenage hood, and sometimes even occurring in adults, has several major causes. The extent of having acne is very devastating, factors that go beyond face value. Most people who suffer from acne tend to suffer from low self esteem which might even make someone refuse to leave the house because of lack of self confidence. Thus, before you even start to think of effective acne remedies, it pays to know more about the main causes of acne, i.e. what really leads to acne so you could know how to combat the problem from the root cause of? There are three major causes of acne:

- overproduction of sebum (oil)
- accumulation of bacteria
- Unsuccessful exfoliation of the dead cells of the skin

At some point in life, someone may start to excrete more sebum than normal. Teenagers particularly are more susceptible to acne since as they hit puberty, some hormones such as testosterone and estrogen interfere with the production of sebum. While this condition may die down as the teenagers’ age, there are those who continue to have increased cases of an overproduction of sebum.

When this sebum is over excreted, it can lead to acne especially when other related problems are in place. Pores, normally directly attached to the glands that manufacture sebum (the sebaceous glands) become clogged with dead skin cells. Once the sebum flows to the clogged pores or hair follicles, they will end up swelling, ensuing in a variety of types of acne, mostly cysts or pustules. Note that sebum is very important oil as it helps lubricate the skin, thus giving it the necessary elasticity. However, an overproduction of it is what causes acne.

There are a number of factors that lead to the overproduction of sebum, some of which are hormonal imbalances, as happens in teenage hood, buildup of bacteria, genetic composition of an individual, poor dietary choices, and the consumption of synthetic drugs. Causes of acne whiteheads are attributed to a bulged hair follicle. As mentioned, poor dietary choices could also be one of the many causes of acne. For instance, eating too much fatty foods, chocolate and spicy types of foods could lead to a skin breakout.

It is very important to point out that acne is not caused by dirt, but dirt can exacerbate the condition. Thus, one is always advised to observe a high personal hygiene so that the condition could be under control. Even so, scrubbing the affected skin areas is not recommended since this may irritate the skin and worsen the problem. Your genetic makeup could also be a predisposing factor of acne. If you come from a family history of acne breakouts, your odds of getting the same a higher, especially when coupled with the other causes of acne.

With that being said, there are some preventive measures that you can take to reduce your chances of getting this health problem. Such factors include avoiding using too many cosmetics and oil based products, not sleeping with makeup on etc.

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