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It is possible to change the shape of the body, but the extent depends on certain factors, which are within your control. There are some situations where one cannot do much.

1. Puberty: During this stage in one’s life, it is possible for a teenager to undergo a drastic change in the shape or weight structure of their bodies. Most often, children of both sexes grow taller as well as put on weight at the time of puberty. The hormones that are released during puberty account for weight gain in girls and muscle gain in boys. This may make a teenager feel that he or she has gained weight, even though that may not necessarily be the case.

2. Genes: Teenagers often ask me why they cannot ape their friends. The answer lies in the genes. The way your body takes shape the weight that is stores in some parts more than others to give you an apple or pear shape and even your height is determined by the genes inherited from one’s parents. There is all likelihood of being overweight, if your parents are dealing with the problem.

3. The Foods that you consume can cause weight gain or loss. It is a fact that one cannot control genes and changes during puberty. However, one can consume extra calories by eating the wrong foods such as junk foods, chips, soda, French fries and sweets and refraining from healthy vegetables and fruits for good nutrition.

4. Lack of exercise can be a major factor that contributes to weight gain. It is necessary to be active and do vigorous exercises in the day to take care of excess calories. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), it is recommended that children and teenagers indulge in many hours of activity in a day and elders exercise at least one hour in the day. These activities can include:
a) Inline skating or skateboarding
b) Going for long bike rides
c) Any form of dancing
d) Swimming activities
e) Athletic sports
f) Any sport
g) Shooting hoops

By refraining from sitting in front of the computer or TV, one can learn to burn calories, which will affect weight loss. Motivate yourself by:
a) Doing things that really interest you. If you are not the outdoor type of person, you can work out indoors with workout videos or trying out steps from different video games such as Dance Dance Revolution.
b) Get into a daily routine. Try to get into a habit of exercising at a particular time of the day.
c) Always try to create opportunities whereby you are always on the move. Try to walk an extra lap or two around the mall, dance in or around the house by turning on the volume of the radio, walk instead of driving to meet your friend. This is a surefire formula for burning all those excess calories and remaining in top form.
d) Seek help. Seek guidance and support from your parents. Tell them to help you to find a gym where you can work with a trainer and ask them to invigorate you into working out daily with them.

Monitor your Calorie Intake
It is not enough to lead an active life. It is equally important to control the intake of calories, if one is looking to lose weight. Get the support of your friends and family members. Your parents will be able to choose the right type of foods, if you talk to them seriously about your concern and even help them make the right choices. Look at the following options for learning how to cut those calories:
a) Tanking up: Reduce those juices, aerated sports drinks and soda, as these contain unnecessary calories. Drink water instead.
b) Eat more veggies and fruits: While these are low in calories, they are high in fiber and very nutritious. You learn to eat less veggies and fruits though they make you feel full faster. If you snack on a fruit before your main meal you will eat less during the meal and still feel full.
c) Do away with junk food. These foods taken on a daily basis can only cause harm than good. Resort to junk food only when there is an occasion. Avoid them like the plague on a daily basis.
d) Do not snack aimlessly. Overcome temptations to snack continuously by eating healthy foods. Stay away from sweets, cookies and candy, however tempting they may be. Some people binge when they feel blue tired or bored. This type of emotional eating is not a solution, as it only worsens the problem instead of making it better.
Remember to eat wisely and space your meals wisely through the day, so that the metabolic rate is maintained and you have enough reserves for any form of activity during the day.

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