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Many men ask certain questions about their sex lives when their partner is unable to orgasm. What is causing her to not orgasm? Am I a bad lover? Am I just not as good as her previous lovers? Am I too small? Do I simply have a horrible technique in bed? If you’ve been wondering about these questions, it’s time to start discovering how to please your partner.

You are not alone in thoughts. They are actually extremely common. Most women are unable to orgasm during sex not because of their partner, but because of other related factors.

The Process of Orgasm and Body Image
One of the biggest “obstacles” for a woman when it comes to having an orgasm is whether or not she has high or low self esteem concerning her body image. If she feels as though her body deserves to achieve an orgasm, then she will most likely be able to experience one during sexual intercourse. Many women experience a plethora of emotions and thoughts during sex that usually have nothing to do with her partner. Any sort of discomfort with her own body image or being vulnerable and naked can actually completely destroy the effects of the hormones that allow and orgasm to occur.

Has She Ever Pleased Herself?
Has your partner ever masturbated? Many women have actually never attempted to achieve climax on their own let alone on a regular basis. There have been countless studies that have proved that most women who are able to climax during sex have performed masturbation on themselves. These women know what they want, are able to communicate to their partner how to become stimulated, and are more comfortable with their body. They also are able to appreciate and enjoy sex more than women who do not masturbate.

Having Incompatible Anatomies
This is one of the most important factors in determining if a woman is going to be able to orgasm while having sexual intercourse with her partner. Many men do not understand the importance of anatomy compatibility. Over 90% of women in popular magazine surveys have admitted that in order to be satisfied through conventional sexual intercourse, the man has to be the right size in order to get her to orgasm. Foreplay is also extremely important in the process of sexual intercourse when it comes to stimulating a woman and getting her comfortable with the erotica that is about to take place. An issue of size can also be dealt with using natural exercise practices, a healthier diet, and some effort.

The one thing that you should remember from this article is that female orgasms are extremely complex in comparison to a man’s ability to ejaculate and orgasm. Most of the time, a woman’s inability to orgasm is simply not the man’s fault at all. It’s not necessarily hers either, though. Most of the time these kinds of issues can be fixed and it’s well worth looking into rather than moving onto the next woman.

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