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Mouth Cancer is caused due to several reasons. Tobacco in any form can be a contributory factor for developing this disease. People, who consume alcohol, are also more prone to developing cancer than those who refrain from it. Cancer can also be contracted, if one is over exposed to sunlight rays. However, nearly a quarter percentages of people contract this disease, in spite of never using tobacco in their lives.

We are all aware that cancer is one of the most life threatening diseases today, the world over. It is possible to contract any type of cancer, depending on which part of the body it occurs. One of them is Mouth Cancer. Any growth in the mouth, caused by unwanted growth cells, can develop into a cancer. It could happen in the jaw, gums, cheeks, lips, tonsils etc. “Squamous cell Carcinoma” is another medical term that is used to denote this type of cancer. They are a sheet of cells that cover the mouth parts and very susceptible to cancer formation.

Mouth Cancer is the direct result of excessive bad habits, such as alcohol consumption, tobacco chewing and smoking. It is possible to contract the disease when one is overexposed to UV rays. If one develops any sort of Candida infection in the mouth or suffers from direct lack of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, E, C, in the diet, they risk the chance of developing mouth cancer. It is possible to get a biopsy of the mouth done to diagnose any of the persisting symptoms. Endoscopy, X-rays, MRI scan and CT scans also detect this type of cancer if one is anxious to diagnose the problem.

If it is detected in the initial stages, it is possible to treat the cancer depending on the severity of the case. It is possible, to avail of any of the three options available. One is surgery; the others are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Anticancer drugs are injected into the patients during chemotherapy by using intravenous injections. The victim is liable to experience adverse reactions with chemotherapy. Some of these are weight loss, nausea, mouth sores, hair loss and vomiting etc. Beta rays kill deadly mouth cells of cancer in radiation therapy. This is possible when the tumor is still tender. Most surgeons insist on using all the three options to treat mouth cancer as preventive measures for safeguarding general health.

One can take the right precautions to make sure that the risk of Mouth Cancer is reduced by avoiding excessive use of alcohol and smoking too much. This can reduce the chances of contracting this type of cancer. Tobacco chewing is a dangerous practice, which is a major cause and should be avoided at all costs. A healthy diet will help to reduce the chances of contracting this deadly disease. Combat this disease by incorporating rich vitamins and minerals in the diet and keeping this deadly disease of mouth or skin cancer at bay.

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