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A Dry mouth could appear like a normal thing that brings an uncomfortable feeling in the throat and mouth, but if left untreated, it could lead to serious dental health conditions such as tooth decay or plaque, due to a significant decrease in saliva. Some good news however is that there are affordable dental options to take care of the problem and reinstate back your smile.

Causes of the dry mouth syndrome
There are a number of factors that contribute to this condition. While it is believed that everyone will experience a dry mouth at some point in their lives, the severity will vary from one person to another. The exact number of individuals who suffer from this condition is also unknown as the disease easily disappears on its own or with the use of some common treatment options. Some of the causes of dry mouth include:-
• Diseases that affects moisture-producing glands in the human body such as Sjorgren’s syndrome or diabetes
• Emotional anxiety or stress that causes a hormonal imbalance in the body. This justifies the reason why dry mouth is more prevalent in pregnant women and those who are on their menopause stage.
• Breathing for an extended period of time with the mouth open
• And the use of medication… almost 400 different types of medication cite the dry mouth syndrome as a common side effect

Relationship between dry mouth and Alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol is known to draw water from the body which when coupled with other factors could contribute to dehydration. When you take alcohol, too much water is lost thus leaving the body susceptible to dehydration. Tobacco also poses the same problems as alcohol because the continuous inhalation and exhalation of smoke will eventually lead to a dry mouth.

• Sore throat, sore mouth
• Insufficient, stringy, or thick saliva
• Difficulty chewing or swallowing something
• Difficulty talking
• Dry skin at the mouth corners
• Cracked lips
• A burning sensation inside the mouth, especially in the tongue
• An infection in the mouth
• A change in the sense of taste

Effects of the dry mouth Syndrome
In adequate supply of saliva means the tissues found inside the mouth will dry, thus becoming inflamed and more vulnerable to infections. The burning sensation could be as a result of inflammation. Still on point, because of a short supply of saliva to keep the mouth hydrated and wash away remnant food particles and stuff, plaque can accumulate very fast, which in turn will trap bacteria. Your teeth will also be susceptible to decay. Lack of enough moisture will also make it difficult for one to talk, chew, or swallow anything because the tongue will be sticking to the mouth. This condition could even end up drying your nasal passage.

Treating the dry mouth syndrome
There are some affordable treatment options, such as sugar-free candies or specially formulated oral rinses that are meant to trigger the flow of saliva. Treating this condition could also entail increasing your fluid intake, especially drinking lots of water.

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