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One of the symptoms of detecting male menopause is when the testosterone levels begin to decrease. A physician is able to detect this when certain tests are carried out. One of the reasons for diabetes and connected illnesses is when the testosterone levels begin to reduce in the body. Some of the most evident symptoms are:

1. A feeling of extreme exhaustion when performing even the most menial tasks. The patient feels lethargic and unmotivated to perform the tasks with vigor. However, this tiredness does not allow one to rest. On the other hand, it is possible that they are prone to insomnia.

2. There is a sudden weight gain noticed along with accumulation of body fat for no specific reason.

3. Mental fatigue can also result with the onset of male menopause. The victim is unable to concentrate and takes longer to assimilate and digest information easily. He may find it difficult to connect with the situation, in spite of visual aids, such as written matter or audio effects.

4. Another symptom observed is mood-swings. A man may feel very happy one minute only to feel extreme sadness at the next moment. This shows that he is emotionally drained and this often result in various patterns of mood swings, ranging from anger to insufferable intolerance. He could also exhibit signs of nervousness.

5. A person suffering from male menopause most often is unable to get an erection, as there is lack of sexual desire.

“Andropause”, as the condition is termed, can be kept under control if a man arms himself with the necessary information required on how to cope with the symptoms. When one accepts the situation and wishes to learn how to cope with it half the battle is won. A physician can determine if the person is suffering from andropause. Therefore it is wise to consult with one to know where one stands.

Men require to be understood and given the love and attention required when they undergo this change in their lives similar to women during menopause. It is important for the family members to understand how to cope with this condition.

Hopefully, men will be more sympathetic towards women when they are faced with the same symptoms and realize how difficult it is to cope with for the most part.
It is a proven fact that men undergo similar changes in their framework. These symptoms generally manifest themselves, when men are in their forties and right up to their sixties.
“Male midlife crisis” is the other term normally referred to when men go through andropause. It is necessary to check whether there are any other problems apart from the normal menopause condition to assure oneself of the right treatment for good health.
Andropause is the official medical term for this type of male menopause. Some refer to this condition as “midlife crisis.” At this time, it is necessary to consult a doctor and ensure that the problem is nothing more major than male menopause, which can be tackled with care and support.
When men began to reach their 40’s and 50’s, their testes begin to experience a gentle but definite slowing down in the functioning. This is because the hormonal levels begin to drop and this affects the production of testosterones in the male. These results in the symptoms associated with male menopause. Men only suffer a reduction in their sexual functioning unlike women, who cannot conceive once they reach menopause.
The male does not undergo as much pain and discomfort as a woman does during andropause. However, it is imperative that he visit his physician and let him know the symptoms so that he stays clear of developing other problems such as diabetes, lupus, mumps or any other injury to the testicles. The symptoms for any of the above problems are very similar, hence, it is best to pay heed and take necessary action.
When a man who is active all his life begins to feel fatigue, he finds it difficult to adapt to this new condition. This brings on misery, depression and a sense of futility, which can be quite difficult for a man to accept. Men report similar feelings of hot flashes and being unable to get sufficient sleep at these times. However, when their sex drive decreases, they undergo much trauma and acute depression. This natural phenomenon occurs when the body begins to slow down in producing testosterones and reduces hormonal levels.
This liability of lessening sterility leads to a sense of futility and some men even resort to attempts at committing suicide. Counseling is therefore very essential, once this condition is brought on and it is equally important that the family members understand and reach out to prevent further erratic and hostile behavior from the male concerned.
Though much importance is give to symptoms connected with female menopause, andropause is a very real and serious issue, which should not be left unattended. It is a natural but definite phase that men go through when they advance in years and this should be tackled with equal attention.

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