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Dental problems can create havoc, as they can be very painful. If left unattended, it can produce long lasting problems, which include permanently damaging the teeth or severe deterioration of the gums. Children are also affected by tooth decay long-term, as this health problem is not restricted to old age alone.

The reason why people develop cavities is often because they are lazy and tend to neglect the issue. A cavity is the direct result of active teeth decaying. The entire tooth structure gets destroyed and produces disastrous results when the dentin layers of the teeth and the protective enamel are attacked.

The reason for tooth decay is that people allow foods rich in carbohydrates to remain on their teeth. These include milk, cereals, soda, candy, cakes or fruits. The mouth attracts millions of bacteria and these feed on the foods, converting them to acids. Plaque is the direct result of left over foods, saliva and bacteria deposited in the mouth. The enamel protective covering of the teeth begin to dissolve, when the acids formed by plaque, create cavities or holes. The other term for cavities is “caries.”

One should learn to protect against cavities by following these simple procedures:
1. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride and brush one’s teeth twice a day. In fact, teeth need to be brushed before getting into bed and after every meal.
2. Brushes that contain dental floss such as Sulcabrush, Reach Stim-U-Dent and Oral-B Interdental Brush work well towards this end.
3. Limit intake of snacks and stick to nutritive and balanced meals. Candies and different chips abound in carbs and coat the teeth surface. Ensure that you brush off sticky material that lingers on the teeth.
4. Your dentist is the best judge of the fluoride to recommend for your teeth.
5. The dentist can assist you about sealants, which can be applied for prevention of tooth decay on the surface of molars.
6. A minimum pint of water that contains fluoride should be drunk in a day, as it helps to protect tooth decay in children. This is normally a precautionary measure adopted by most cities. It is imperative to visit a dentist once in six months for oral examinations and general teeth cleaning.

Extensive research is being conducted now days to help prevent the teeth from decaying. Xylitol works to reduce harmful bacteria and is available in the form of chewing gum, which proves successful in protecting from tooth decay. Studies and research are constantly being updated to ensure that fluoride can be released slowly over a period of time. Efforts are being made to introduce these materials between the teeth fissures or in pits. Extensive research is being carried out to ensure that the cavities can be filled and the problems reversed quickly.

Take into account the overall repercussions of tooth decay. It is important to present teeth that are not discolored filled with cavities or rotten when facing someone. People may get totally turned off. Therefore, it is in your own interest to ensure that you brush and floss your teeth to avoid using dentures, as you advance in years. Make sure you eat foods that do not encourage bacteria to settle thereby increasing bacteria. Maintaining a routine is the safest way of maintaining perfect teeth.

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