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Statistics reveal that nearly 85 million people in the U.S, both male and female are faced with problems connected with hair loss. The hair progressively thins and slowly falls off completely, thereby leaving the person bald. Androgenic (sometimes known as androgenetic) alopecia is quite common and often referred to as “male-pattern” or “female-pattern baldness.” The reasons for this type of ailment are not very similar and in this article, we shall concentrate on the problems connected with male-pattern baldness.

Men begin to lose their hair when male-pattern baldness starts developing and in no time he becomes bald. The main reason for this happening is the presence of dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) This is a human hormone that builds up in men and when there is too much of it on the scalp, it begins to prevent the natural supply of blood to the hair, as it attaches itself to the hair follicles. When the follicles do not get the vital nutrition to nourish the hair, they begin to shrink and the width of the hair shaft starts decreasing. This results in quick hair loss.

There are many drugs, such as Finasteride that is popularly marketed as “Propecia” claims to reduce DHT levels. However, these prescribed drugs have proved to be futile in most cases. The synthetic chemicals used in the drugs have far-reaching side effects. Case studies reveal that men who frequently use Finasteride end up with problems connected with gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction.

We are extremely fortunate to have natural supplements in the market that work to block DHT more effectively than the drugs prescribed over the counter. Saw Palmetto works well here as they contain essential herbal properties. Other sources are extracts of pumpkin seeds and zinc, both of which are highly capable of decreasing the DHT potency and preventing the human testosterone from converting to DHT. Look for herbal solutions that contain enough nutrients to energize re-growth of damaged hair follicles, which suffer extensively due to HDT.

What is the treatment for hair loss and how can this be reversed?

Thanks to medical advancements, baldness can now be reversed and prevented. The right measures should be taken to reduce the DHT levels, as it is now known that this is the reason for balding hair. Natural treatments and synthetic drugs containing chemicals are the obvious answer for treatment.
Propecia and Rogaine are drugs that have not proved effective universally. The fact that they contain synthetic chemicals is another deterrent as they can cause adverse side effects. The worst of these are erectile dysfunction, blurred vision, chest pain and “gynecomastia” which is the medical term for development of male breasts.

Is there an alternative?

The obvious alternate treatment is to treat hair loss naturally. This ensures no lasting side effects. Natural ingredients have also withstood the test of time. Ingredients, such as Saw Palmetto, have been used throughout history. It has proved to have excellent properties. The process of using natural ingredients to fight hair loss is by far the safest and best recourse to protecting against baldness.

Stress is a major culprit for losing hair loss prematurely. Both male and females lose hair rapidly because of this factor. Stress causes changes in the amount of hormones produced and this can cause the system to go out of gear for both men and women resulting in disastrous hair loss. It is possible to get actively involved in some program or the other to help alleviate stress and improve one’s overall health.

Try adopting one or many of the following steps to overcome stress and letting the hair grow back again:

Breathing Technique
Taking deep breaths as many times as one remembers in the day is a good way to handle stress. Breathe in deeply, count silently up to five, and then release your breath. Do this repeatedly for best results.

Think Positively
Do not get into a fluster, when things go out of whack and you have to cope with many problems at the same time in the day. Talk to yourself positively and assure yourself that you can handle any crisis, however, difficult or troublesome they are efficiently and competently. You will find yourself calming down, when you tell yourself repeatedly that you can do it and feel calm and positive at the same time.

Practicing Meditation
We are all aware of the powers of meditating for handling stress. Locate a peaceful corner in the house or at the workplace, either indoors or outdoors. Use some of the tapes that can be downloaded online that work towards calming you down. The reason why people who meditate, use a mantra, or repeat a syllable over and over is because this helps them focus on their thoughts, which calms their nerves and releases the tensions in the body.

Techniques that help to Relax Muscles Progressively
One of the powerful techniques is to learn how to contract different sets of muscles at a time. You need to contract and hold them for a given length of time and then relax them. You can actually feel the stress lifting as your tension ebbs away.

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