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The health benefits of normal green tea are very many and equally very amazing. Even more amazing are the health benefits of a very potent version of green tea known as the Matcha green tea. So potent it is that it is believed to contain 15 times more nutrients than your everyday type of green tea. Notably, it has very many antioxidants than it has blueberries. Matcha is made of only the first 2-3 top leaves which are ground carefully into very fine powder. This explains the reason why the tea is always absorbed fast and easily in your bloodstream upon consumption.

Nutritional benefits of the Matcha
• Vitamins A, C, E, K and B-Complex
• High chlorophyll content that detoxifies the blood
• Has 70 times the amount of antioxidants found in orange juice
• Very rich in catechins, particularly EGCG and polyphenols (antioxidants) which are known to help in fighting cancer. According to a recent research released by the University of Colorado, this kind of green tea contains 137 times more catechins than those found in regular tea
• A great source of fiber to your diet
• Significantly boosts your metabolism by up to 40% thus helping in sustainable weight loss
• Trace amounts of minerals copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, sodium, and phosphorus

With the above list, it is therefore evident that Matcha tea is undoubtedly the most potent green tea yet in the world. It traces its origins back in Japan, where it has been consumed for over a 1000 years. Actually, Matcha was first discovered by Buddhist Monks and since then, it has become a household name in Japan, being the only type of tea served in special Japanese tea parties. The reason this tea is so special is because it is carefully grown and specially shaded to retain the nutrients. Weeks before the leaves start to be harvested, the plants are covered so they could be protected from direct sunlight. This in turn makes the leaves assume a dark shade of green which resultantly boosts the production of amino acids.

The presence of amino acids boosts the sweetness of the tea, so if you were afraid that Matcha green tea would turn out bitter because of the fact that it is very potent, you are mistaken. So sweet is Matcha that today it has found its way in sweets ingredients. As is with anything else, you will find the best of Matcha from its Native country Japan where it is perfectly ground by the experts.

You could be wondering about the caffeine concentration in Matcha. Rest assured it contains very tiny amounts of caffeine, as little as 25mg; what is more, it contains L-theanine in good amounts which are known to have some calming and relaxation effects. Thus even if it contains caffeine, you can rest assured your blood pressure will not be raised to ‘risky’ levels. Further, the presence of L-theanine helps increase the power of concentration and alertness in you.

Are you a lover of green tea? You are really missing out if Matcha is not already in your mix. Even if brewed versions of green tea aren’t your ‘cup of tea’ so to speak, you can always give Matcha a try, if not for anything else because the taste is sweet and pleasant, not to mention the many health benefits. As mentioned, green tea is clinically proven to have great health benefits and besides, it is a safe and natural alternative to take when looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Notably, green tea is not some sort of drug that has some potent medicinal properties, it is just a natural and safe tea that is all natural and safe to take, and which contains so many nutrients that will keep your health in-check each time you use it.

Notable ingredients of green tea
1. Caffeine – caffeine in green tea leaves is found on the outer membrane which is meant to keep off insects that tend to attack the leaves and compromise on their quality. Caffeine in this case therefore acts as a self-defense mechanism as the insects are turned off by the bitter taste. It is available in right amounts that when consumed will not keep you awake but instead trigger weight loss by stimulating your metabolism.
2. L-theanine – this is a great ingredient; a non-protein based type of amino acid that helps protect the body against the harmful effects of caffeine thanks to its cooling and calming effect. Further, it regulates serotonin meaning you will not feel abnormally hungry and be tempted to ‘overeat’ during the day, thus contributing in sustainable weight loss.
3. Antioxidant EGCG – simply put, antioxidants help repair damaged cells which if left to multiply can cause serious conditions search as stroke, heart attack, cancer, weight gain, and high cholesterol. This therefore means that the more you take green tea the less cellular damage is caused.

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